Didier Malige (for Jonathan Products) was the lead stylist backstage for the Kenneth Cole fall 2013 collection presented during the most recent New York Fashion Week.

"Talking back stage with Didier Malige was a huge inspiration," said Modern's intern Amanda Smith who got to meet Malige for the first time. "Not only has he worked on countless runway presentations and advertising campaigns but he's been published in top fashion magazines around the world."

Amanda tuned in to learn that the inspiration for Kenneth Cole's comeback show was "Very dark and endogenous. He was searching for inspiration in pictures of sparsly populated cities. Didier wanted to bring out strong facial features with a sleek more natural hairstyle to complement the masculine wardrobe. He described the hair as if you came out of the shower, combed your hair back and left for the day."

Here's how to re-create the look in four simple steps:

Step 1 - Prep the hair for a blow-out by using a volumizing thickening foam

Step 2 - Next part the hair down the center and smooth with an iron

Step 3 - Apply Jonathan silky dirt, a shine and definition cream, to the front half of the head and smooth back. Secured by placing large open ended hair pins on a slant half way into the hair

Step 4 - Spray with a flexible hold high shine hairspray and let dry

Amanda got a bonus interview with MAC make up artist Romy Soleimani who told her it was all about a clean porcelain complexion, glossy eyes with a hint of silver liner, and bold ombre lip going from black on the outside to red in the center.