Hair: Jen Dozier Horter and Tina Harrell
Fashion: Yves St. Laurent

“While fitting the profile of corporate America, a woman can still maintain absolute femininity,” says Jen Dozier Horter of the Bombshell Salon in Ellicott City, Maryland. Horter and fellow artist Tina Harrell knew that the look needed a small iron, zig-zag partings and patience. “This is a time-consuming look,” says Horter, “but this is one way for a woman to take the lead and allow her fiery red curls to demand attention and grant entry in to the ‘Boys’ Club.’”


1. Start by applying a styling treatment oil and foam from base to ends on dry hair to smooth the cuticle and create the foundation to promote volume.

2. Apply in a raking motion.

3. Begin to blow dry the hair using a wrapping technique to control the hair and set in the products.

4. Section the hair using zig-zag partings to create volume and to hide the scalp.

5. Section as shown. First section is from the parietal ridge to the crown. The second section is from the mastoid process up to the crown.

6. On the third section, repeat section two on the opposite side of the head. The fourth section results from previous sectioning, from the crown to the nape.­

7. Using an extra small curling iron, take a 1/4-inch section in the nape of the neck. Begin by winding the hair clockwise and then wrapping the hair from base to ends around the wand. Gently pull the hair from the iron and spray with firm spray. Continue up the back of the head in a brick layer pattern. Repeat the same process on the sides of the head using vertical sections. Holding the iron vertically will create volume and hide partings.

8. In the top and final quadrant, work from the crown to the fringe. Overdirect forward while curling still working vertically and in the brick layer pattern. Wrap to the end of the iron and then gently pull from the iron. Continue to spray each section with a firm holding spray. Working one strand at a time, begin to expand some of the curls by splitting them in half with a treatment oil. Continue that process until desired shape is achieved. Finish with a shine spray.