A ballet bun can just be a ballet bun, but when Orlando Pita (using BioSilk) is on the case, it gets a different "twist".

"The look was inspired by a Russian refugee--a runaway ballerina, so the bun needed to have the chic nonchalance of a ballerina in rehearsal, rather than in performance. Diane wanted something that looked really easy—but you can always make it special even if it is simple."
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STEP 1: "To prep the hair, I used a lot of BioSilk Silk Therapy serum then blow-dried, then more serum," says Pita. "This really softened the hair so the loose pieces would float behind her when she walked the runway.  If the model had fine hair, we would use a good amount of BioSilk Dry Clean Shampoo to add lightweight volume and texture."
STEP 2: "We pulled hair back making sure to leave it a bit fluffy before securing in place. We then spritzed the BioSilk Firm Hold Finishing Spray on a backcomb brush, and holding the brush vertical instead of horizontal, we raked lines in the hair to make it look as if it was finger-combed."
STEP 3: "We secured with an elastic band before wrapping it up in loops, opening each loop up a bit before pinning it. As I pinned I would cross the strands over so you couldn’t see where it was coming from. We finished the look with BioSilk Shine On for a lightweight, healthy looking shine."

FASHION WEEK: Bohemian Ballerina Buns Using BioSilk at DVF FASHION WEEK: Bohemian Ballerina Buns Using BioSilk at DVF