Digital outlets have forever altered the way we interact with one another, and Sebastian Professional is using the digital age to change how we perceive hair.

2014 Sebastian What’s Next Award winners Katey-Bug Browne (New Talent category) and Heather Rae Cheszek (Professional category) created futuristic, dimensional styles inspired by Sebastian’s EvoTech collection to compete and win in their respective categories—then recreate and rework new styles after the last of the competition confetti had fallen.

EvoTech is all about new and different shapes and textures. Pleating and stitching techniques were used to heighten the collection and make changes available on-demand.

“Each look is multidimensional—every style is transformable,” says Shay Dempsey, Sebastian Professional global art director. “These strong, textured shapes can be accentuated and expanded to create something different.”



Hair: Katey-Bug Browne, Heather Rae Cheszek
Make-up: Liza Macawilli
Photography: Michael Pool
Fashion styling: Cynthia Freund