NovaLash’s Seminar Skills Training Manual boasts 80-pages of eye-opening knowledge, from technical information about the lash growth cycle and the anatomy of the eye to the nitty-gritty details surrounding what it takes to build a successful lash application empire. Packed in its pages, the “Eyelash Bible” boasts a full run-down of the application procedure, one simple step at a time, not to mention the steps tha tthe lash artist and their client need to take to keep lashes long-lasting and lovely.

Available as a supplement to NovaLash’s physician-developed training course, the Seminar Skills Training Manual is recommended pre-reading for all lash artists. The manual’s pre-certification test ensures you’re ready for the regimented, hands-on session of the course, while its detailed descriptions and must-know info serve as your “back-up” once you graduate and start your own lash salon.

To register for a NovaLash training course, visit and find the class that works best for your schedule and location. The one-time $1,174 cost to register includes your very own “Eyelash Bible,” as well as a one-day, all-inclusive seminar, a “business in a box” kit and a complimentary refresher course within 90 days.

 NovaLash Skills Manual Opens Eyes to Profit in Lash Extensions