Farrux Shamuratov, the styling superstar based at OSOBENNO in St. Petersburg, Russia, admits his expertise is beyond “combing and cutting hair”.

According to his site, shamuratov.com, “It is a difficult job where you have to find out one’s suitable image, identity, and yet it is essential to understand the subculture that client belongs to, what type of person one is and what shape of the face owes. There is lot of nitty-gritty you have to take into consideration while serving the customer. I am grateful for my fate that I’ve had very diverse and experienced teachers.”

A highly decorated hair artist, Shamuratov says “I want to show that there are no boundaries of creativity (much more things can be done with hair and images of clients). I have my own technique and a philosophy of ‘creating a complete image’. That is how I feel! There are certain rules while creating the image of a person, dress, face shape and type.”

An educator and platform artist, Shamuratov has updos nailed. Check out his page and his Instagram feed, @farruxshamuratov, for some more amazement.