Heidi Klum/ from @HeidiKlum on Twitter
Heidi Klum/ from @HeidiKlum on Twitter

Primetime Pretty: The Emmy Awards


Los Angeles was unseasonably steamy today as the Emmy Awards officially launched Hollywood’s Award Season. Right on the heels of Fashion Week, the red carpet looks were informed by Fashion Week's fabulousness while letting us mere mortals in on what will be happening in Hollywood in the season to come.

David Maderich, NY-based celebrity (Prince, Brad Pitt, Pink, Mary Kate Olsen, Drew Barrymore, Giselle, and more) makeup artist will offer his run-down of hits and misses in an upcoming post.  Here are some of his 140-character comments from tonite:

  • I love Melissa McCarthy...her makeup is glowing
  • Heidi klum is stunning but she needs a touch more blush for a healthy glow!
  • @sofiavergara is wearing the longest eyelashes and only she can pull it off.

Kristan Serafino, influential stylist and blogger (SerafinoSays) offered her insight on what did (January Jones, Christina Hendricks) and didn't (purple/grey hair that hasn't gone anywhere in too long) work in her to-the-minute tweets:


  • Sarah Hyland was not born when loose tendrils were in style. A modern style would have embraced her youth & been elegant
  • Not a fan of frizzy texture but Julie Bowen makes it work with the top part smooth and frizzy texture down...
  • 2nd Strawberry blonde... NIcole Kidman & January Jones..New Trend in #HairColor? What do you think?