SOTO—Salon On The Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
Owners: Gregory Schroeder & Anastasia Kim Blair
Established: December 2013
Salon style: Urban Glam, Affordable Luxury, Chic
Square footage: 4,700
Stations: 16
Equipment: $155,000
Furniture: Brandl Skirvin of the Salon and Spa Idea Group, and Takara Belmont
Total design investment: $826,000
Color line: Wella
Design by: Brandl Skirvin of the Salon and Spa Idea, Ashley Upton- AMU Interiors LLC.
Architects: Takara Belmont, St. Louis Design Center
Photography: Mark Schroeder of Mark Joseph Photography
Owners’ Comments:
“Our color and processing bar gives clients the the ability to be part of the entire experience. It allows for a more complete consultation, and clients can remain plugged in throughout the entire process.
Judges’ Comments:
“The metallic upholestry and high-tech processing equipment give the color bar a space-age feel and add to the coloring experience.”—Hillenmeyer
“The overall brand is consistent throughout the salon.”—Crusafilli
“The idea of covering the support columns in photos is amazing.”—Grissler