The press launch of Liquicolor Permanente, the reinvention of
the iconic color line, Miss Clairol. Members of the beauty press attended a power
presentation of models at Clairol headquarters in Rockefeller Center in New
York City.

THE DETAILS: Officially “revealed” November 1, the power of soy has been
put to the test. “Soy4Plex technology is used to infuse color while conditioning
the hair from the inside out,” says
Danny Lapointe, Artistic Director
for Clairol Professional. “The new
formula offers more conditioning,
shine, multi-tonality and longlasting,
natural-looking results.”

Miss Clairol Relaunch
Clairol’s Danny LaPointe and Anita Gutierrez explain the technique used on the model.

HOW IT WORKS: “The Soy4Plex
complex envelopes the hair shaft
and even penetrates the cortex
to smooth down the outside layer
of the cuticle, which can become
damaged and raised due to chemical
processes,” says Anita Gutierrez,
Clairol Professional lead color master.

“One of the most important features is that the new formula offers the same
shade results as Miss Clairol with 100-percent gray coverage.” For more product
details, click here.

COMPETE: Be one of the first stylists to experience the color by visiting to register for a free sample kit. Or, enter the sweepstakes to
win free color for a year.

Miss Clairol Relaunch
Models show off the new shades.