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Cuccio Naturale

29120 Avenue Paine

Valencia, CA 91355-5402

United States



Phone: 800-407-7797

Cuccio's New Matte Top Coat

Cuccio is introducing a new Matte Top Coat for a twist on the classic manicure.

Although matte polishes have been around for a while, there is a clear advantage to using a matte top coat: you have the flexibility of knowing that any polish can turn matte with a single application.

The Cuccio top coat is designed with the same fast-drying capabilities of its high shine top coat, but this one allows for a velvety matte finish when applied over any polish. Use in a single layer over color or use for design purposes and accents.

Cuccio Naturale's Foot File

This new pedicure foot file is 100 percent sanitizable and is made up of sturdy high-grade stainless steel. It provides a firm grip and leverage for tackling the toughest callus. The new intro file kit consists of 1 dual-sided metal foot file, 1 pack of 15 White 180 grit (medium) and 1 pack of Black 80 grit (coarse) disposable filing.


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