Fall is arguably one of the most exciting seasons for hair. What colors do you think about when preparing for all of your clients' hair changes? For many, it's all about the warmth: reds, browns and golds, like the colors of the leaves (at least in temperate climates).

Lately stylists and their clients are not afraid to play with color, and some classic seasonal colors are getting makeovers. Check out these exciting variations on warm reds and pinks, and take note of the formulas for when your clients come in wanting a fall color that's a bit spicier.

1. Fall Copper

Reds and oranges are a reliable fall classic, and adding some striking depth, like @gabby_does_hair_ has done here, makes bright copper strands stand out even more.


Redken Shades EQ Cover Plus in 6C, 8C, and 7RR

Ends: lifted to 8/9 and applied Redken Shades EQ Gloss in 7CC, 8CR and Orange Kicker

2. Peach Blush

Closely related to rose gold, peach hair color often has tones of orange mixed in for extra warmth. Peach tones are crazy popular right now, and the beautiful trend will transition nicely from summer to fall. This amazing example was created by @jhair_stylist.


Wella Shinefinity Color Glaze: 30g 09/07 + 10g 08/34

3. Hot & Spicy Red

Golden tones, like @live_love_dohair has added, can make red hair resemble an inviting bonfire. It looks exactly like how your mouth feels when eating chili peppers!


Retouch: Moroccanoil Color Calypso 5C & 5CR

Lightener: Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage, 2 parts clay and 1 part blue powder with 20 vol

Depth Panels: Moroccanoil Color Calypso 40g 7C and 5g Color Infusion Orange Mixer

Mid-tone: Moroccanoil Color Calypso 8C & 8G

Gloss: Moroccanoil Color Calypso, 3:3:1 ratio of 10G, 10V and 10VC

4. Strawberry Pink

Another close cousin of rose gold, this soft pink makes us feel warm and fuzzy. @chelsea_at_michaels was inspired by a delicious strawberry milkshake.


Roots lifted with Wella Blondor

Roots pre-toned with Wella Invigo Blonde Recharge purple shampoo

Toned using Wella Illumina in shades 9/43, 10/, Special Mix 0/65 with Color Touch Developer 1.9%


Hopefully we've given you some extra inspiration for some interesting and fun warm colors to try on your clients this coming fall season. Red doesn't have to just be red. Play around with it and really give your clients their own custom fall looks!

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