Master blonding specialist and salon owner Geri Stigen (@geribleach) appreciates any product that can make the (sometimes tough and scary) job of lightening easier on her clients’ hair. Minimizing damage to keep hair looking as healthy as possible is certainly a priority, and for that, Stigen has found a love in ProAddiction, the formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment system.

The ProAddiction system permanently and non-toxically smooths any texture of hair to any degree—you can simply de-frizz a client’s natural curl pattern, or take a textured client completely straight in a single session, and anything in between. See Stigen demonstrate some of the ways that you can use the ProAddiction smoothing system for healthy, shiny and frizz-free hair.

De-frizzed Curls

Stigen maintains this beauty’s gorgeous curl pattern while taking her blonde. Thanks to ProAddiction, her curls look noticeably more defined, bouncier, healthier, softer and less frizzy.

Straightened and Smoothed

This client wanted to go straight and smooth for manageability, and wow, did she get her wish. Just look how shiny her hair looks after Stigen uses the ProAddiction system, including their signature titanium flat iron.

Any Hair, Any Texture

Watch as Stigen adds softness and shine back into this client’s greys. Whether your client has bone-straight hair or type 4 curls, long or short hair, is platinum blonde or grey, there’s a use for ProAddiction.

ProAddiction is 100% formaldehyde free, making it much healthier for the hair than other smoothing treatments on the market. Check out the line to give your clients the option to fix their frizz in an effective and healthy way.

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