It took celebrity stylist Jacob Rozenberg 65 hours over the span of five days to take Schwarzkopf Global Brand Ambassador Dove Cameron from level 3 brown hair to her current “Oat Latte” Blonde.

woman with blonde hair

Singer, Actress & Schwarzkopf Global Ambassador Dove Cameron

Courtesy of Schwarzkopf

"When doing a massive color correction, you really need to let the hair dictate how light you can get the hair before you give any inspiration of where you want to end up," explains Rozenberg. "Once I could tell her hair was going to lift beautifully and stay healthy, we picked a couple inspiration photos from Dove's archive, as she’s been blonde her whole life until three years ago. Some images were lived-in, rooty blondes, while others were more platinum. I didn’t want to compromise the integrity, so we decided against pushing her hair too far and opted for her natural color with balayage through the ends."

As Cameron's hair started at a level 3 brown, which was previously an intense red, with 1/4" of regrowth, this blonding project proved to be a massive undertaking - one that really paid off in the end. See below for Rozenberg's step-by-step of how he achieved Cameron's color:

"Oat Latte" Blonde

To start the process, the hair was sectioned into seven sections as follows:

  1. below occipital
  2. crown to occipital
  3. below recession
  4. below temple
  5. crown
  6. right top to temple
  7. left top to temple

Day 1: Hair primer sprayed all over and dried. Starting in section 1 ending at section 5, we applied BLONDME 9+ lightener with 20 vol at ½" from roots to mid lengths (where darkest pieces were). We went back in after with BLONDME 9+ and 20 vol for mids and ends, then applied BLONDME Precision lightener with 20 vol to regrowth area. Allowed to process. Rinsed, shampooed with Fibre Clinix Hydrate Shampoo and treated with BLONDME care. There was a lot of banding so we went back in to even out the bands where we saw most depth with BLONDME 9+ and 7 vol. Once bands were more blended we rinsed, shampooed and treated again with BLONDME care. This was repeated for each section up to section 5. Finished the day by toning all over with IGORA Vibrance 10-12, 10-19 and 0-00 1:1:2 and 6 vol lotion activator.

Day 2: Hair was treated in the same manner with remaining front sections.

Day 3: Hair was treated in the same manner with remaining top sections. Then we went in again all over with BLONDME 9+ 7 vol to lighten hair further for maximum lightening while hair strength was being observed. Rinsed, shampooed with Fibre Clinix Hydrate Shampoo and treated with BLONDME care. Retouch area melted down 3" with IGORA Vibrance 8-19 and 8-11 1:1 6 vol lotion then glossed with BLONDME Ice throughout the ends.

Day 4: Weaved in warm areas in super fine lowlights with IGORA Vibrance 8-19, 8-11 and 7-1, 1:1:¼ 6 vol lotion.

Day 5: The last step was going through the hair doing micro baby lowlights using IGORA Vibrance. Booster 5 Pumps in 25g of Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment Mask. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinsed.

Protection & Post-Color Care

Of course, Rozenberg only used the best products to care for her hair post color. To ensure that Cameron's hair remained strong and her color protected, he used the following Schwarzkopf care products:

  • BLONDME Care (during color process)
  • Fibre Clinix Hydrate Shampoo
  • Fibre Clinix Hydrate Conditioner
  • Fibre Clinix Hydrate Booster
  • Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment Mask

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