HOW-TO: 5 Signs of Aging Hair & Ash Blonde Mature Client Makeover

Aging hair can be determined in many ways, and according to AGEbeautiful there are five.

Is your client experiencing hair aging? Just like a person’s skin, hair goes through five specific signs of aging, says AGEbeautiful. They are: thinning hair, wiry gray hair, graying hair, dryness and dullness.

According to, as we get older, the melanocytes in hair follicles stop producing melanin so hair strands no longer have color and become more transparent and appear gray or silver. Did you know that every day, the normal person naturally loses 50-100 hairs? Younger hair is replaced by new hairs that grow long and thick. As we age, the stage (active Keratin production) gets shorter, so hairs stay thinner and no longer have the chance to grow thick.

AGEbeautiful hair color contains melanin and special dyes that add pigment or color back to the hair. It also contains keratin peptide, the building block of hair, to help add volume and make hair look fuller. The hair color also contains conditioning technology and silk protein to mimic natural lipids in hair.

Recently, AGEbeautiful Artistic Director Mike Petrizzi and Valerie DeVito from AVAL Hair Salon in Darien, CT, conducted this mature client makeover. The client's hair showed all 5 signs of aging, so to help hide the aging process they did the hair color process below:

STEP 1: “On her roots I used AGEbeautiful’s 8Ash Blonde with 20 volume,” says Petrizzi.

STEP 2: “To balance out the midlengths and ends of her hair, I used AGEbeautiful’s Clear Shine Gloss / alternate version:  9N / Demi or 1/2oz 6G and 2oz Clear. I applied this while her base processed."

STEP 3: "Shampoo and condition all at once." 

AGEbeautiful Artistic Director Mike Petrizzi works on this client's hair color.

Valerie DeVito from AVAL Hair Salon in Darien, CT works on this client's haircut.

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