The Ponytail Technique: the Secret to a Faster Ombre

When time is money, you need a faster, tangle-free approach to well-blended ombre. That’s what Dayna Charles, team leader at Hot Heads Salon in Boynton Beach, Florida and a Wella educator, had in mind when she created this technique, which skips the backcombing.

“Teasing, which many ombre techniques require, is very difficult to detangle,” notes Charles. “In my approach, which relies on triangles with alternating points to position ponytails, the variegated points of the triangle create a soft transition.”

Here's how it's done:

Before: A natural level 5 with grown-out highlights. 


1. Isolate a horseshoe section on top of the head and include the crown.

2. Beginning in center back, take a triangular section below the horseshoe, with the point directed upward. Isolate this section by putting it in a ponytail at the very top point of the triangle.

3. Isolate the section next to it with the point of the triangles at the bottom, and position the pony at the bottom point.

4. Continue around head, alternating the points of triangles/ponys from top and bottom.

5. Leave out hairline in front of ears.

Formulas and Application:

1. Mix Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder in three formulas: one with 10-volume developer, a second with 20 volume and a third with 40 volume.

2. Hand paint pieces of each pony, varying the distances from the rubber bands and alternating the three formulas. Carefully cover each pony with plastic wrap to prevent the lightener from drying. Process until desired lightness is achieved, then rinse thoroughly. Snip bands, shampoo and towel dry; then apply your final formula.

3. After the base application, apply Wella Color Touch Relights 2 parts /44 and 1 part /56 to all hair. Process for 15 minutes and rinse.


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