Cut and color: Nick Trombetta @nicktrombettausa, Itely Hairfashion, N.A. national artistic director
Cut and color: Nick Trombetta @nicktrombettausa, Itely Hairfashion, N.A. national artistic directorAlfonso Martone @photographybyalfonso

“Babylage” is a hybrid technique that combines babylights and balayage. This Itely Hairfashion technique alternates lightener with a red formula.


Natural level 5


Formula 1: 1 part Sunshades Balayage Lightener with 1.5 parts 20-volume developer

Formula 2: 1 part Aquarely permanent color 7RD (Red/Gold) with 1.5 parts 20-volume developer.

  1. Divide hair into quadrants. Begin in the nape, and take a ¼-inch slice. Subdivide it by weaving out babylights while still holding the entire section. Apply Formula 1 to the babylights, and then combine the two sections on a color board and apply the formula to the ends in a heavier balayage application. This allows you to get very close to the scalp for the babylights. When you paint the lightener to the ends, blend the babylights to the balayage at the ends. Seal in foil or use plastic wrap to isolate the section.
  2. Move up, and take another ¼-inch slice. Hair left out between sections depends on the desired result. Using Formula 2, repeat the application procedure, subdividing to create babylights, then combining the subsections to balayage the ends. Isolate section.
  3. Continue working up the head, alternating the formulas in the same manner. Work through all hair and process 40 minutes.


Cut and color: Nick Trombetta @nicktrombettausa, Itely Hairfashion, N.A.  national artistic director 
Style and makeup: Briana Guerriero @brianaguerriero
Photographer: Alfonso Martone @photographybyalfonso

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