Hair: Anthony Barnhill, Malibu C
Hair: Anthony Barnhill, Malibu CGreg Carter, NuVisions Studio

For modern twist on a classic flavor, Malibu C preps the canvas before creating a sophisticated warm color with a sassy taste of decadence. 



Natural level 7


Formula 1:  Malibu C Crystal Gel mixed with 2 oz of water

Formula 2: 30 g TIGI True Light White lightener with 45 g 20-volume developer

Formula 3: 30 g TIGI 7/32 with 45 g 20-volume developer

Formula 4: Malibu C Concentr8 Colour Masque, customized using the Concentr8 Colour Pigments in a ratio to support the applied color


  1. Prep hair by shampooing with Un-Do-Goo Shampoo. Rinse, and apply Formula 1 to hair. Massage in, cover hair with a cap and place client under heat for 30 minutes. Shampoo and blow dry until hair is 70% dry.
  2. Use Formulas 2 and 3 in a full-head foil, concentrating Formula 3 in the fringe for depth. Use strong diagonal-back placement. Foil a top Mohawk section first, using fine weaves. Then alternate three woven sections to one slice, as you continue throughout the head. Add Formula 3 sporadically, where needed for depth. Process 25 minutes. Then rinse and apply Formula 1 to stop oxidation. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Apply Formula 4 to all hair and process 5 minutes at the bowl, then rinse.


Hair: Anthony Barnhill, Malibu C
Photographer: Greg Carter, NuVisions Studio
Makeup: Nichole Servin

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