Brunette to Stunning Blonde 5-Hour Transformation

Because time is money, hearing that Kristyn Wilson @colorbykristyn, a blonding and balayage specialist in Orange County, CA, was able to achieve this fantastic lightening process in a single appointment, we wanted in on the technique, tools and her tips for success.

"I wanted to get the head as light as possible in one session,” says Wilson. “Her starting canvas was virgin level 6 so I knew if I took the time I could get her blonde in one session with patience and the proper products." And because there was no previous hair color, this magic was possible.

OVERALL: "For this process I did a full highlight and for every piece left out of foils that I balayaged making sure those pieces wouldn’t dry out so I also put foil around them just not going all the way to the root. Also, I use Olaplex in all my formulas." Total time was 5.5 hours.

STEP ONE: "I started in the back with Redken Flash Lift and 20 volume and worked my way around the head to the front and eventually bumped it up to 30 volume for my last two sections to even out the process time."

STEP TWO: "Once processed, I rinse and apply a root shadow on damp hair using L’Oréal Dia Richesse 6.12/7.01 with 6 volume at the root for 10-12 minutes."

TONING: "For the overall toner, I used the new Schwarzkopf Professional More Vibrance 9-5,1 and it worked beautifully!"

FINAL WORD: “I think every line and brand and has something great to offer so I like to use multiple different products that I think work together to create the best look.”

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