U.S. Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe is scoring major hair goals.

Following Rapinoe’s and the team’s World Cup victory, Nine Zero One’s Riawna Capri and Joey Perrotti gave the champion a new cut and color.

 First, Perrotti bleached and toned her hair to freshen up her roots. Then Capri colored it pink.

 “I wanted to give her more of a shadow root with the pink, so it had more depth and dimension, and then we kept it lighter on the ends,” Capri says. “This color is called "RAPINKOE."

 Styling wise, Capri says to always start with Magic Myst to keep hair healthy and shiny. After blowing out Rapinoe’s hair, Capri used texturizing spray at the root and a pomade at the end. She then twisted to create extra texture.

 “It's been so long since Megan has had time to get her hair done since she's always traveling to different countries and it's hard to communicate what you want,” Capri says. “So I went tight on the sides and shaved, then left the hair longer on top for more texture.”

 Rapinoe took home a custom color conditioner to her new color won’t fade.

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