Frances Canola (@frances_hairartist) of Bauhaus Salon, Orange, California, (and a MODERN Artist Connective member) says her client was “Jumping around to different salons getting different lightning sessions. It had been a year since she has colored her hair so her before photo is a reflection of the fade, in combination with not using the proper shampoos and conditioners to maintain her blonde highlights.”

Canola realized she had a job ahead of her so brought in assistant @Reneeshin who targeted the back as Canola targeted the front.


Here Canola shares the details for this lovely transformation:

STEP 1:  Babylight/microweave throughout using Kenra Color Simply Blonde lightener with 20 volume. (Foiling application - 1hr 45 minutes.)

STEP 2: Tone in 2 steps. Tone highlights with Kenra Color Rapid toner SV and Rapid Toner Beige.  Process for five minutes.

STEP 3: Then shadow root with Kenra Demi 6NUA. Process for nine minutes and then smudge the color down to blend. Process for one additional minute and then rinse.


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