Hoyu Professional Tailors Education to Current Trends

Jamie Newman | October 29, 2016 | 1:15 PM

Whether it’s in its Cypress, California, studio or in your salon, you’re sure to receive a quality educational experience with a personal touch. That’s Hoyu Professional’s promise.

What type of swatch books and other resources does Hoyu Professional have that professionals can add to their color library?

Every color line within Hoyu Professional’s Promaster brand has its own swatch book. Our swatch books contain an “on white” and “on black” chart to demonstrate the contrast of how the color appears on light and dark hair for a more interactive color experience. The swatch book for our main color line, Promaster EX, also contains swatches for a one through 20 level scale, which is a more specific breakdown of the traditional one through 10 level scale and great for determining undertones. As a color education resource, every product we carry has its own detailed brochure and is available to everyone.

What would most surprise colorists about Hoyu Professional’s color education?

Colorists are constantly surprised by the amount of one-on-one time our technical advisors are able to spend with them to help hone their skills. Because we are still operating at a smaller scale than many of our competitors, we are able to spend a lot of quality time with colorists who currently use or have an interest in using Hoyu products. Our technical advisors are constantly out in the field with sales representatives to provide demos and in-salon classes, and are always available as a resource to any and all colorists.

What education and resources can a salon or solo artist expect to receive immediately, and then over the first six months, after switching to or adding Hoyu Professional’s color line?

Upon switching to or adding Hoyu Professional, you will have immediate access to educational opportunities ranging from basic color theory courses to technical workshops. At Hoyu, we strive to maintain all programs with the most up-to-date information and hair color trends. Our technical advisors are color experts who are always available as a resource, and they frequently lead advanced studio classes with more trendy topics such as balayage and creative color workshops. These workshops can be taken individually at the colorist’s own pace or within an intensive six-month program. A certifi cate of achievement is awarded to those who have completed the program within the time frame, allowing them to become official Hoyu expert users.

What contests or competitions does Hoyu Professional have that salons or colorists can participate in?

Hoyu Professional holds a hair color competition once a year, usually between mid-August and October. The competition is a global one, held jointly with our headquarters in Japan, as well as our divisions in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. The theme changes annually, but always manages to challenge colorists to put forth their best creations. There is also an opportunity for your work to be seen by millions, as winning designs are featured in a famous Japanese fashion and beauty magazine, aR, who is a collaborator for the competition. All information regarding the photo competition is distributed in early August, which contains the theme, all guidelines and prize details.

What is your most popular color education class or experience?

Technical workshops and hands-on education have been the most popular education experience among Hoyu Professional stylists. For example, because the ombre/balayage movement has been such a highly sought-after service within clients, stylists have been looking for ways to improve their skills and techniques. Many Hoyu users have been successful in doing so upon attending our Urban Lights Sombre technique class and balayage workshop. We believe in providing these advanced workshops at a reasonable class fee, which allows colorists to attend more frequently and develop as talented colorists at a much higher pace. Our hope is that every workshop and class encourages stylists to be more creative and more passionate about hair color.

What products or range of color is generating the most buzz heading into fall?

A trend we anticipate to generate the most buzz for fall/winter 2016 is ecaille hair in rich, warmer tones. We are also excited about the variety of auburn and mahogany tones that are coming back. These tones can stand out on their own without any highlights and are especially great for those with naturally dark hair who would like to change their look, while not straying too far from their original color.



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EDUCATORS: Yolie Payan, Masa Teraguchi, Yoshico Ogawa

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