30 Pretty in Pink Hair Colors and Styles We Love

Mary Kaleta | September 28, 2018 | 7:25 AM
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This cute pixie is full of life and volume!
Photo By @yokii.san @nickarrojo @annaabananax3 Photo 2 of 31
The long, loose curls give this pink color an effortless glam.
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The edgy cut paired with the taffy pink color and wave make this ultra cool.
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We love how this pink color melt creates a gradient look from top to ends.
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This pastel pink is fit for the clouds!
Photo By @rossmichaelssalon Photo 6 of 31
This cut and this color rock! We love the mixture of pink hues with the angular cut.
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We love this blend of traditional blonde into a fun pop of pink.
Photo By @makeupbyfrances Photo 8 of 31
The mix of pink into yellow and orange hues here shows the color's versatility.
Photo By @leysahairandmakeup Photo 9 of 31
We love a good lob, and this pink and purple color work complements the popular cut well.
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Everything about this look screams hair goals. The blend of pink and purple works well with the romantic braid.
Photo By @katehanu Photo 11 of 31
A tropical sunset that really lets the pink hues shine.
Photo By @k.s.colors Photo 12 of 31
We can't decide which is more breathtaking: the bumblegum pink color or the intricate style work.
Photo By @beautymarkedbysarah Photo 13 of 31
The pink and orange in this look work together harmoniously.
Photo By @jwinclos Photo 14 of 31
We love this fuchsia color work and the fun look it creates.
Photo By @leacakezzz Photo 15 of 31
We're getting major warrior princess vibes from this pink look.
Photo By @jessicapowerpaints Photo 16 of 31
What a fairtyale look! Who says you need something blue for weddings when pink works so well?
Photo By @itsnicholehair Photo 17 of 31
Bold and blended pink with blonde looks amazing here.
Photo By @headrushdesigns Photo 18 of 31
Hot pink can be difficult to pull off, but she does a great job of making this strong statement color still seem soft and pretty.
Photo By @hannahdisconnected Photo 19 of 31
Rock on! From the cut to the color and edgework, we can't stop smiling about the things we love in this pink style.
Photo By @hairgod_zito @philipwolffhair @staygold31 Photo 20 of 31
We'll be dreaming a little dream of this pink style from now on.
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The choice of pink in this look helps the detailed style work to shine that much more.
Photo By @hairbykatied Photo 22 of 31
The wearability of this melted pink look will have clients willing to switch things up a bit.
Photo By @hairby_mairead Photo 23 of 31
We love the way these shades of pink pair with the darker gray shade to create a fun edge.
Photo By @hair_princess_step Photo 24 of 31
Holy hot pink! This bright color work steals the show and turns heads.
Photo By @_hairbytiffany_ Photo 25 of 31
Everything about this look is TOO pretty. From the color to the style, we're swooning over this one.
Photo By @haileymahonehair Photo 26 of 31
This pink hair shows its versatility with different angles..and it looks great in all four shots!
Photo By @gerilynhaisarzadeh Photo 27 of 31
A rose by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet. We love how detailed this is and how the pink adds dimension.
Photo By @fshairdo Photo 28 of 31
We love the romance from this look and the way the colors work together to create depth.
Photo By @chelseabrebeauty Photo 29 of 31
How could we not include this viral post in our roundup? There's simply too much to say about this stunning floral work and the playful pink color.
Photo By @braidedandblonde Photo 30 of 31
This pearlized pink shows the range of ways this color can be translated into hair color.
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There's power in the color pink. From bright fuchsias to muted pastels, pink offers the perfect palette.We put together a list of 30 of our favorite pink hair color and styles to inspire you and your clients. Remember to #ModernSalon to be featured on our page.

October is also  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  an annual campaign from the National Breast Cancer Foundation to increase awareness of the disease. The color pink, and in particular the pink ribbon, is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, and it expresses moral support for woman with breast cancer.

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