Bronde Ambitions: Babylights and Teasylights with a Shadow Root

Mary Kaleta | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 PM
Get the formula and steps for this stunning bronde melt below.
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Nicole O'Hare of All Dolled Up Beauty and Bridal Boutique in Southington, Connecticut
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Southington, Connecticut stylist and makeup artist Nicole O'Hare, @nicoleoharehair, of All Dolled Up created this total #hairgoals bronde color using three different techniques. The colorist has been in the industry for seven years.

"I get so much joy from guests talking about how well their color grows out," O'Hare says. "I'm also passionate about networking and growing relationships with other stylists. The best way to stay relevant and educated is to respect and love your fellow stylists."

Get the formula and steps for this stunning melt below.


Guy Tang #Magnum8 lightener 20 vol

Root melt Redken Shades EQ 50 oz 6n+.50 oz 5na with thickening process solution, end gloss Redken Shades EQ 50 oz 8na+ .50 oz 8v + .50 9n

Technique: 3/4 head combo babylights+teasylights and root shadow/melt

  1. Start by sectioning out a large Mohawk section. Below that in a V shape, create finely sliced teasylights about 3 inches down in the foil until you reach the Mohawk.
  2. Working your way to the front of the head, start to alternate babylights and teasylights, bringing them closer to the root.
  3. Switch to the front and detail the hairline with fine babylights back to back (O'Hare says she usually does around 3-4). Tease and paint the drop outs in the bang area to pop the face-framing piece even more.
  4. Create teasylights around the sides and ears to maintain pockets of depth.
  5. Process for about 20 minutes. Pretone with Oligo Blacklight Blue shampoo and conditioner. Comb out the hair and on damp hair, section the face frame out. Create a teardrop-shaped melt with Redken Shades EQ 5na+6n parts with thickening process solution. End gloss 8na+8v+9n. Process for about 15 minutes.
  6. Trim, blowout and create loose waves with 1 1/4 inch iron using Moroccanoil medium spray and Oligo Gloss Drops to add shine.

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