Step Up Your Balayage Game with this Brush

April 10, 2019 | 9:30 AM
"For a job like this, Product Club was the way to go!" Massimo says. "It handled this mane like no other."
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Color trends come and go, but one thing is consistent: the desire for a smooth, seamless application. Product Club's Balayage Paint brushes are a must-have for creating painted perfection. By using these brushes, colorists are able to achieve a more dependable result that will change the way they paint hair forever.

Carla Massimo @carla.jean.styles is a colorist in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who specializes in balayage, color melting and seamless foiling. MODERN tasked Massimo with using the brushes to enhance her color services. 

"I love these brushes because they differ from it's inspiration--the traditional bristle chip brush you can find at home improvement stores," Massimo says. "Those brushes are usually one and done. But these brushes from Product Club can handle heavier saturation and you can cover more surface at one time."

The brushes have been designed to capture the look and feel of a traditional paint brush without the problem of brush bristles disintegrating from bleach. Thick, synthetic, durable bristles also speed up application time.

Watch the brushes in action with this video from Massimo that shows how see created the look above:

For this look, Massimo took diagonal forward sections, about an inch thick, and painted the entire surface of each section for maximum coverage.

"When working diagonal forward (vs diagonal back), you create more brightness due to how the hair lives in natural fall," Massimo says. "This is a great tip to know when you are really trying to bump up the brightness!"

She also made sure to glide the Product Club Balayage Paint Brush gently over each section to ensure a soft blend. Her pro tip: Being heavy handed can lead to a splotchy finish, and hard lines in your finished product. 

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