Baltimore based vivid specialist Emily Boulin is all about creative color and embracing new techniques. While her feed immediately catches your eye with its bright splashes of pink, green and everything in between, there’s clever tactics behind these painting methods that you have to dig deeper to see.

“I love adding a vivid punch of color to something natural to really make a client’s hair stand out!” Emily credits as her secret to vivids that take on a whole new glow. Mixing vivid tones with a client’s natural hair color allows for endless ways to customize – from vibrant ends to subtle peekaboo placements.

This MODERN SALON Artist Connective member got to try out Goldwell’s Elumenation technology that allows you to keep a client’s hair the desired color and tone, but also have it glow vivids when the light hits it.

Watch her work to see that vibrant shine come through!

Emily also recommends the Goldwell SilkLift Lightener to help provide a clean base before going in with the color.

Follow her formula for the violet and pink look to try out the Elumenation elevation for yourself.

Base Formula:

  • Goldwell Topchic 2N + 20 vol + max shots of “Pure Violet” pure pigments.

Block Color:

  • Lifted with Goldwell SilkLift High Performance Lightener to a level 8. Colored with Elumen Play “Pink” and “Red”.

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