Carlos Valenzuela named to “The 41 List” of Honorees
Carlos Valenzuela named to “The 41 List” of Honorees

Photo: Carlos Valenzuela

Ten Latin countries and twenty different cities are represented in the powerful stories shared by this year’s Latinx “The 41 List” of Honorees.  Announced in early December by founder and CEO Alberto B Mendoza in Los Angeles, the winners, from diverse age groups, and professions identify in a wide range of gender representations, including transgender or gender nonconforming, and people living with HIV.

Honoree Carlos Valenzuela, from  Tucson,  AZ,  author of  the award-winning novella Letters to Young Carlos, and a longtime contributer to MODERN SALON, says, “It energizes me to be in the company of other Latinos, who just by being themselves, challenge stereotypical views of who we are and how we think as a community. Si se puede.”

This year marks the sixth edition of the 41 List of distinguished professors, journalists, community leaders, actors, elected officials, activists, non-profit leaders, artists, students, entrepreneurs who comprise the honorees. “Honor 41 promotes awareness and positive images of the Latinx LGBTQ community. Celebrating this year’s honorees and sharing their stories is an incredible personal honor," says Mendoza. "Their work is paving the way for the Latinx LGBTQ community to come out and embrace their lives authentically and with orgullo.”

Beginning December 15, video interviews of each honoree will be released on the organization’s social media channels and website. The videos highlight each honoree’s personal experiences with coming out and how religion, culture, family, and HIV/AIDS have impacted their lives.

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