TRENDING: Candlelight Blonde by Aveda’s Ian Michael Black
TRENDING: Candlelight Blonde by Aveda’s Ian Michael Black

Candlelight blonde is back, according to Aveda, which is featuring the sunny shade in the brand's latest campaign. The color is achieved by Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color. 

From Claudia Schiffer in the '90s to Gigi Hadid and Doja Kat today, celebrities have shown how this warm and neutral tone is perfect for summer. It moves away from ash tones and is easier to keep on-tone between salon visits. Embracing this delicate warmth with a cooler undertone keeps the softness of the gold while minimizing the brassiness of the yellow that is exposed as you lift.

“Candlelight blonde is one of the most wanted color shades for summer," Black says. "This season’s tone is that perfect blend of a warm neutral, where expensive-looking golden tones are refined to leave a look that is both dreamlike and complementary to most warmer skin tones.” 

The Timing is Right

As the limitations of the pandemic loosen up, hair color will become just a little bolder, Black predicts. Candlelight blonde fills that void.

“After what seems like an eternity living with our hair color growout, and being restricted with salon visits, we are ready to take the plunge into having something more daring and to make a statement this summer," he explains. “Moving away from soft babylights and lived-in balayage looks, candlelight blonde is an all-over blonde shade that is romantic, whimsical, and statement-making. Gone are the days of endlessly trying to keep our blonde color on the cooler side. This season we are embracing gentle, refined warmth for a softer look.”

A full consultation will be necessary to discuss any client's move to candlelight blonde. Determine the perfect tone for each guest, share your feeling about how the shade will work for them, and explain the upkeep.

“Make sure you book enough time to perform the service and deliver the perfect color," Black advises. "Allowing enough time also will let you do the service with minimal damage to the hair.”

Incorporating Aveda Botanical Repair

The goal is always to achieve the lightening while keeping the hair in great shape, and Black recommends using Botanical Repair to ensure that you'll leave the hair looking and feeling shiny, strong, and beautiful with maximized color.

“It is also important for your guests to understand how best to care for their new color and keep that condition until their next visit," Black adds. "Along with a line of professional-only Botanical Repair products, there is a range that your clients can purchase and use at home, so they never need to worry about their hair condition between visits. The Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum is a fantastic product to add to an evening routine. It builds bonds, repairs all three layers of hair, and reduces the appearance of split ends by 84%—all while the client sleeps!” 

Black says that a good way to explain it to clients is: "The Botanical Repair bond-strengthening and multiplying products have the same key, naturally derived ingredients in them, so you can continue doing what I've done to keep your hair healthy."

Get the Look

Black details how he achieved the look for Aveda's campaign, shown above.

1. Lighten the model’s hair all over, and towel-dry it very well.

2. Root Area

  • 30g Enlightener Powder Lightener
  • 30g Crème Booster
  • 60g 10 volume 
  • 8g Botanical Repair Strengthening Additive

3. Ends

  • 30g Enlightener Powder Lightener
  • 60g 20 volume
  • 8g Botanical Repair Strengthening Additive

4. Pre lighten to pale yellow

  • Pre-treat using Botanical Repair Bond Activator followed by Botanical Repair Equalizing Primer. This preps hair for the final toner.

5. Tone

  • 40g Blonde Finish Beige
  • 4g Light Gold
  • 40g 5 volume liquid

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