Wella Signature Artist and Educator Jessica Stranieri (@jessica.wella) loves playing with depth in any hair color. A simple, well-placed application of Wella Shinefinity Glaze provides all the dimension you could want, and Stranieri knows how to mix formulas that perfectly compliment the individual client. See some of her best dimensional Shinefinity results and how she got them below.

Curly Red

No one-note hair color here! This model’s curly hair is red-hot thanks to Stranieri’s use of varying depths of Shinefinity color. Not to mention, the beautiful shine on each individual curl really helps them stand out. This resulting look is striking, to say the least.


Alternating between Wella Shinefinity Glaze 05/43 and 06/43

Melted Copper

Dark curls can really pop with some lightening and added color. Wella Blondor Freelights helps create an easy canvas for Stranieri’s Shinefinity Glaze formula application. The result is a head full of beautiful copper curls, and it’s a look that still utilizes the client’s natural color for dimension.


Lift: Wella Blondor Freelights

Base: Shinefinity Shimmer Melt Glaze 04/07 + 06/07 (2:1)

Midlengths/Ends: 07/75 + 08/98 (1:1)

Rich Burgundy

This dark brunette benefits from some strategically-placed red, making the color look even richer. Stranieri collaborated with Wella Signature Artist Jennifer Ng (@jennifer.wella) on this look, and it paid off. The dimension from the red tones and shine makes this color a fall favorite.


Pre-lighten: Wella Blondorplex + 6% developer

Glaze: 04/65 + 06/6


If you’re looking for easy ways to add depth and dimension to your dark-haired clients, Wella has all the products (and education!) that you might need.

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