Winter is right around the corner, so stylists, make sure you’re stocked up on all the trendiest hair colors for the season. And if you’re not exactly sure what those colors are, world renowned stylist Guy Tang (@guy_tang) is here to help you out.

Guy Tang holds up his #MyDefender Heat Protection Spray

Guy Tang holds up his #MyDefender Heat Protection Spray

According to Tang, this upcoming season will be full of deep reds, warm browns, and icy silvers. “For people that like to embrace the holiday season, they gravitate towards reds and warm browns,” he says. “Icy silver is reminiscent of the winter season which attracts people to this shade during this time.”

As the creator of the #mydentity haircare and color brand, Tang has all the perfect color products and recommendations to help you achieve the hottest colors for the colder months. Check out his formulas for each look below.

Silver Dream


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A color akin to the glow of the moon shining on freshly fallen snow, this frosty silver will make your client feel like a winter fairy.

“Silver Dream can be created with #mydentity Silver Moon Dream Demi 8 and 10 shades, then maintained at home with #MyRefresh Silver Pearl colored conditioner,” Tang advises.


  1. Lift to level 10 with #Big 9 Crème Lightener
  2. Silver Moon 10 with 6vol on roots and midshaft
  3. Silver Moon 10 + Crystal Clear with 6vol on ends

Cinnamon Bronde


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This warm brunette shade will keep your clients feeling nice and toasty on the coldest days.

“Stylists can achieve this type of color with #mydentity #LiftMeUp Bright for the contoured highlights and the brown tones with the Brown Beige and Naked Glow color series,” Tang says.


  1. Highlights: Lift to a level 9 with:
  • 5g #LiftMeUp Passion Bright Blonde
  • 5g #LiftMeUp Oil Booster
  • 20g #Magnum8
  • 40g 40vol
  1. Midlights: Midnight Love 6 + 20vol
  2. Base Color:
  • 55g 5BB + 5g Shadow Ash 5 + 20vol on roots
  • 55g 5BB + 25g 8BB + 30vol on mids
  • 25g 5BB + 25g 8BB + 10vol on ends
  1. Final Glaze on dry hair:
  • 7BB + Naked Glow 7 Demi + 6vol
  • 9BB + Naked Glow 9 Demi + 6vol
  • process for 25 minutes

Rich Burgundy


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The richness and depth of this red makes it a perfect color to rock during the holiday season. It gives big cranberry and holly vibes!


  1. Lift highlights to level 7-8 with:
  • 10g #Magnum8
  • 40g 10vol
  • 14g Bright #LiftMeUp Toner
  • 14g Oil Booster #LiftMeUp
  1. Roots: 55g Midnight Love 6 + 10g Midnight Violet 3 + 10vol
  2. Mids: Midnight Love 6 with 10vol
  3. Ends and Face Frame: 7Crc + Midnight Love 6 + 10vol melted together

How to Maintain

When you grace your client with a gorgeous hair color for the winter season, obviously they’ll want it to last. To make your client’s color last as long as possible, Tang recommends using plenty of color protection, both in the chair and at home. At the very least, he says, a color protecting shampoo and conditioner like #MyConfidant are a must.

“A color depositing conditioner is great for some shades,” he adds. “The burgundy tone can be maintained with #MyRefresh Crimson Spell Conditioner. If you blow dry or use heat tools, a heat protectant product like #MyHero Collagen Shield Spray is essential to protect your color from heat.”

#mydentity can be found in-store or online at Cosmo Prof.

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