Guy Tang @guy_tang, a social media icon and hair artist, worked with his #mydentity line of hair color to create some seasonal color designs that are chillingly beautiful.  

 “Both looks were super time consuming, mostly due to the lightening process; we like to ensure a bright, even lift to start,” Guy says. “This way we can see the true tone of all the colors!”  And these tones are icy and elegant, adding color and brilliance to a dark December day.

Ice Queen One (above):

Lifted her Level 7 hair using #mydentity’s #Big9 Crème Lightener to a Level 10 for a bright clean canvas


To give a ‘Holographic Halo’ look, Guy did an alternating pattern starting with…

  1. Charcoal only on the rootage
  2. Arctic Blue+ Ocean Reign color melted below
  3.  Followed by another melt of Mint of Steel+ Green Aurora
  4. #MyRefresh Silver Pearl+ SheerPower to create an iridescent shine band
  5. Then repeat Steps 2-4 through the ends

Ice Queen Two:

Lifted her starting Level 6 to a Level 10 using #mydentity’s #Big9 Crème Lightener


  1. Charcoal on the rootage
  2. Arctic Blue throughout the mids
  3. Mint of Steel on the ends in addition to highlighting throughout to add dimension

Tang also recently introduced a new line of styling products to put the finishing touch to every color masterpiece. 

More about the success of #mydentity: 



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