Helping clients go blonde and maintain that bright color is salon owner Kim Bruce’s (@themisfitblonde) passion. Bruce knows that getting the level of blonde that her client desires has a lot to do with the quality of the lightener, toner, and glossing products she uses.

Having recently discovered Linange Italy, a brand that focuses on making hair beautiful while keeping it healthy, Bruce quickly fell in love with how the product line performed on her clients. See below for the reasons why Bruce recommends Linange.

Foil, Balayage, Gloss

Linange does it all. The brand is a one-stop shop for all of your blonding needs, including powder lightener, developer, color closs, shampoo and conditioner. Bruce and her client loved how this creamy blonde turned out.

Stays In Place

How annoying is it when your lightener swells up, moving your foils all around? If you’re a perfectionist, this might bug you a lot. However, Linange lighteners don’t swell at all, keeping your foils right where you placed them.

Brass Is in the Past

Linange’s Volcano Black Carbon Toning Shampoo blasts away the brass, making your blonde as bright and shiny as it should be.

If you're looking for that special product line that has everything you need, check out Linange Italy. Their selection will help you perfect every level of blonde, giving you the confidence to hone your craft as Kim Bruce has.

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