If you’ve been wondering whether inflation is affecting how clients are tipping their stylists lately, you’re not alone.

GlossGenius recently pulled data from tens of thousands of salon owners and stylists using the platform, detailing the top 30 cities in the U.S. for tipping, along with average tipping percentage.

GlossGenius is a salon and beauty business management platform that offers everything from...

GlossGenius is a salon and beauty business management platform that offers everything from scheduling to payments.


 More broadly, they found tipping isn't quite keeping up with inflation: "GlossGenius data shows that overall tipping activity across the US remains steady, with the average gratuity for beauty services rising just over 1% compared to this time last year," explains Danielle Cohen-Shohet, CEO and Founder of GlossGenius.

 While this may sound discouraging at first, it’s a positive sign that people are still opting to thank their stylists at a time that’s financially tough on everyone. But where is tipping put into practice the most? Check out the top 30 US cities for tipping below, as well as their average tip percentage:

  1. Providence, RI: 17.64%
  2. Greeley, CO: 17.55%
  3. Philadelphia, PA: 17.54%
  4. Columbus, OH: 17.51%
  5. Denver, CO: 17.49%
  6. Palm Bay, FL: 17.47%
  7. Grand Rapids, MI: 17.47%
  8. Baltimore, MD: 17.42%
  9. St. Louis, MO: 17.42%
  10. Myrtle Beach, SC: 17.41%
  11. Cleveland, OH: 17.37%
  12. Detroit, MI: 17.36%
  13. Peoria, IL: 17.36%
  14. Colorado Springs, CO: 17.33%
  15. Boston, MA: 17.32%
  16. Racine, WI: 17.32%
  17. Las Vegas, NV: 17.29%
  18. Kansas City, MO-KS: 17.25%
  19. Tampa, FL: 17.16%
  20. Jacksonville, FL: 17.16%
  21. Syracuse, NY: 17.16%
  22. Salt Lake City, UT: 17.14%
  23. Virginia Beach, VA: 17.12%
  24. Cincinnati, OH: 17.10%
  25. Greenville, SC: 17.07%
  26. Orlando, FL: 17.06%
  27. Ann Arbor, MI: 17.06%
  28. Akron, OH: 17.05%
  29. Boulder, CO: 17.05%
  30. Fort Myers, FL: 17.05%

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