The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon  MODERN asked our Facebook fans: What are the best, least painful shoes to wear on the salon floor all day—while still maintaining some style? Here's what you had to say:

Yvette Feekes Have to say Dansko. My first pair looked alarmingly like Dutch wooden shoes from the Tulip Festival, but the latest ones are actually nice looking.

Chasity Bogard Dansko...not the cutest but they have helped with the leg and back pain.

Caitlin Hopper Blowfish flats! They are inexpensive and super cute!!

Arwen Mimosa Wedges are comfy and easy to walk in!

Torrey Scott For the guys: skater shoes (not to dressy, and normally has a little of support) I prefer Supra Footwear or even Vans. If you're a little more dressy then ECCO Shoes all the way.

Maria Godino Sketchers Share Ups... not the best looking but comfortable.

Candace Rickborn Nike shocks. Not high end fashion but my pick on extension days!!!

Deirdre Flannery I live in my Borns at work. They have everything from flats, heals, wedges to boots. I can run a 12 hour day and not be in pain.

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon  Cindy L. Rolenc Aerosoles are the best or Impo are also my favorite for comfortable stylish boots.

Corinne-Anthony Lam My husband swears by his Clark's. Good arch support and style

Ellina Manuel ‎5Finger Shoes now make SUPER CUTE Fur and Leather, Buckles and Bows, Chains and Bling- Boots ankle, calf, and knee length. 5Fingers are great for posture, you can even go mountain hiking in them! I'm a stylist who loves the outdoors, so I recently got my first pair of 5Fingers Fashion shoes. Try them I swear they are way worth the price!

Christine Michaud They don't have a tonne of style, but my favorite comfy shoes at the salon are a pair of black Birkenstock clogs with an enclosed back. They have lots of support and my feet never hurt when I wear them.

Tammy Schwieder I wear Fit Flop boots. Awesome support for standing 6 plus hours and somewhat fashionable.

Jen Thomas I've done Born, Ecco and Earth but can't find anything that shouts STYLE-however me limping at the end of the day doesn't either so I have to make choices.

Kristin Newman I've found wedges are great. I have been working in heels for years so my feet are usde to them but wedge heels feel the best.

Aubrey DiBenedetto I have a pair of Sam Eddlemen platform wedges. LOVE. You would think they would hurt but not one bit.

Susan Moore Love my Chuck Taylor's and they get better with a little drip of color lol of course with arch supports while standing on my Rhyno mat:)

Jennifer Croffoot Alegria shoes or AK sport dress shoes but most of all what is lots of support for your feet..comfy and support should come first before style esp. for long days! I've worked for 25 yrs.50 to 60 hr. weeks and have already had the vein surgery twice so take care of the feet and legs...

Amy Paquette ALEGRIA!!!! All the way. Can work a 11 hour day come home and feel great. They have memory foam inserts. It is like wearing slipper all day.

Andrea Barnett Day I love Converse but they don't have good support, but Crocs came out with a canvas tennis shoe that look just like converse but have the Crocs sole on the comfy, and if you go to the Croc website they have many styles now that do not look like they are Crocs but feel like them on the inside!!

Michelle Tessel ‎15 Different pair of Chucks, for every occasion- with proper orthotic inserts of course!

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon  Paula Gordon Hamer Easy Spirit Anti-gravity, Nike Shocks (I wore my silver ones out, and haven't found a decent replacement yet), New Balance; all worn with Spenco arch supporting orthotics. 32 years behind the chair and planning on at least 20 more!

Alicia Iannone If you wanna wear heels I suggest ones with a platform and Mary Jane style with the little strap around your ankle. I can run a marathon in them! Great support. Or if I'm working a long day I'll rock a cute pair of boots or patent leather flats.

Shelby Smith Dr. Scholl has some shoes at DSW that have some really cute options! I have a pair of wedges from them that I love and have gotten a lot of compliments on. I could wear them all day.

Amy Stevens Sketchers! I found a pair that were the most comfy ever! I worked in a Dr offices so I was always on the run, but My feet never knew. They are one of the athletic ones they have.

Tammy Alender Avias! After having a broken back, complicated back surgery, and being told you'll never work again, stylish shoes go out the window & youre grateful for anything comfortable that allows you to do the work you love.

Ann Woodworth Weinacht Softspots, Monroe, Walking Cradles = am no longer sacrificing my comfort for style!

Kimberly Johnson Esser Algeria's Rock! They have different styles and the variety of color, designs and texture are amazing. You can find them at some major department stores or at places where they sell nursing supplies (Lamberts). A little expensive but worth every penny.

The Best Shoes to Wear All Day at the Salon  Peggy Hargrave After forty two years I have to say Fit Flops make the most salon friendly shoes.If you cant wear between the toes,we can because we sell them,they are coming out with some that don't go between toes.They make boots,tennies and mules all with the special bottom that helps your body.

Rebecca Shideler Klogs... they are the best, after 15 years of Danskos, i had to find something with cushion and bingo, i found them at a uniform store in northern cali, won't go back either, lots of styles to choose from also, you won't be dissappointed my friend.........(brand name= Klogs)

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