Refresh Hair with DevaFresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer

by MODERN Staff | July 17, 2019 | DevaCurl | Finishing ProductsTexture

Hit refresh with DevaCurl's DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer.

The curl refresher is designed to moisturize, help soothe the scalp and fight odors for 24 hours. 

The company says the product is perfect for curly and super curly clients and is great for protective styles. For 24 hours, the product should leave clients' scalps and curls looking and feeling fresh. The revitalizer is infused with kombucha, which is known to help enhance moisture, volume, shine and frizz control, and prickly pear, which can help moisturize and soothe dry scalp. The mist, with the help of kombucha and prickly pear, is designed to boost next-day curls with definition, moisture and volume while helping sooth the scalp and fight frizz and odors. 

“For a client short on time, DevaFresh is the perfect product to finish a dry cut without having to give them a full transformation service. Adds volume and shine and minimizes frizz," Dominique Lyvar, Devachan senior stylists, says. 

To Use: 

Part dry hair and lightly mist at the root area to help refresh scalp. Massage to add volume. Continue on mid-lengths and ends to further eliminate odor and add lightweight moisture. Finger curl and scrunch to encourage curls.

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