(L to R) Antonio Estrada, Dawn Atkinson, Paola Rascon, Josh Perez, Shayla Shakhzoda, Tiffany...

(L to R) Antonio Estrada, Dawn Atkinson, Paola Rascon, Josh Perez, Shayla Shakhzoda, Tiffany Massey

 Sexy Hair, the professional hair care brand and creator of the award-winning Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray, unveiled their Visionary Team, a core group of hairdressers who will creatively collaborate as a unified team in order to develop fresh concepts for the brand with a focus on social media and educational purposes. 

The inaugural team of hairdressers were selected for variety of reasons.  Sexy Hair identified stylists who each have either a strong social media presence, longevity with the brand, niche areas of expertise in the industry, and/or their abilities to identify various trends in their respective demographic locations.  The collective talent amongst this group will provide valuable input on product development for new collection concepts for 2020.  The new visionary team includes: Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair) recognized for his highly intricate braids, Shayla Shakhzoda Robertson (@samierasjewelry) for her bohemian braids and updos, Dawn Atkinson (@hairartistrybydawn) for her sharp hair cutting expertise, Tiffany Massey (@tiffanymhair) for her stunning color melts, Josh Perez (@joshperezhair) for his strong barber skills and seamless fades in the men’s space, Paola Rascon @paolitarascon) for her avant-garde styles, as well as, international flavor of trends from South America. 

“We wanted to bring together an influential group that is not only passionate about hair, but also passionate about the Sexy Hair brand to spearhead this new concept for us,” said Caleb Foltermann, General Manager for Sexy Hair.  “This forward-thinking team will create looks that the hairdressers will be drawn to and what customers are looking for, as well as touch upon product development, concepts and educational programing to further develop the Sexy Hair brand.”

“We wanted to bring it back to the hairdresser, from the voices of the hairdressers that work in the salon full time to help us understand what hairdressers need and want,”  said Stephanie Polansky, Director of Education, who will be working closely with the group.  “This new group must unanimously agree on a look before it is approved,” adds Polansky.  “By doing so, we are confident that our looks will relate to, and inspire everyone.”

Follow along with the Visionary Team at (@SexyHair).

Sexy Hair was founded in Los Angeles in 1998 by Michael O Rourke.  He was inspired by the diversity of the city and the many styles that defined what the word sexiness embodies.  Whether it be effortless beachy cool, individual street style, or ravishing red carpet looks, he saw sexy as more than a look, but rather a feeling. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Sexy Hair became widely known for its “big red can” and has become the #1 selling professional hairspray brand in the U.S. with one can sold every four seconds.   Today, Sexy Hair is a brand of Henkel and distributes professional hair care products in more than 54 countries and 60,000 licensed salons across the U.S. For more information on all Sexy Hair products and where to find them, please visit www.sexyhair.com

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