Matthew and Madison Ruggieri

 Matthew and Madison Ruggieri

Recently launched personal care brand Onekind is the brainchild of brother-sister duo Madison and Matthew Ruggieri. The two also founded the popular men’s grooming site The Motley as well as their own brands, Buckler’s and Port Products. 

In the course of their entrepreneurial exploration inside the beauty industry, they’ve had “experts” tell them to price their men’s products lower “as men won’t pay enough as women.” This resulting price disparity between products geared towards women vs men—and their feelings about it being unfair and unnecessary— drove their development of new Onekind, a clean, transparent and accessible brand, which debuted with two skincare products for nighttime--Dream Cream Moisturizer ($38) and Midnight Magic Serum ($42) (as research shows nightime skincare is where skin-conscious consumers spend the most money). 

As other products roll out slowly and thoughtfully, we asked Madison Ruggieri to answer a few questions on the thought process behind Onekind.

New Beauty Brand Banishes the "Pink Tax"
New Beauty Brand Banishes the "Pink Tax"

MODERN SALON: Your brand mission seems to encompass several pillars—inclusive offering of products that are gender-neutral, pigment neutral and price friendly.  What would be your elevator pitch for the brand?

MADISON RUGGIERI: The goal with Onekind is to make luxury skincare accessible - that means fair pricing but also across genders, skin tones and types. 

MS: Why did you first launch skincare instead of, say, hair care or cosmetics? (Knowing those other categories may be coming, too.)

MR:  Luxury skincare — particularly anti-aging and targeted solutions which are our focus — is traditionally the most expensive category in personal care which is a big reason why we decided to tackle accessibility there first. We also found from surveying consumers that they were most concerned with their skin and currently investing the highest percentage of their personal care budget into that category. 

MS: Why do you think skincare has become such a focus in personal care?

MR:  I think that skincare is such a focus for people because we’re now seeing it as a long term investment in self care. How you care for your skin today basically determines the health and appearance of your skin decades from now. 

 MS: What do you think today’s consumer appreciates about Onekind?

MR: Today’s consumer is savvy and also deeply cares about the values of the brands they choose to support. I think that the Onekind mission of fair pricing speaks to today’s consumer’s desire to know what they’re paying for and why. I also think they appreciate knowing the people behind our brand and the relationship we’re building with them. We’re asking our community to guide us and tell us what they actually want from us, and I think that’s refreshing and empowering to the consumer, especially in skincare. 

 NEW from Onekind: Midnight Magic, a retinol and peptide PM serum that is formulated with ingredients to firm and smooth while also keeping skin hydrated and minimizing redness.



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