Black Box Color to Natural Silver in 11 Hours

"This was one of the most challenging days in my career," says Jacqueline Gilmour, a stylist and extension specialist based in Detroit. "This beautiful client drove in from Cleveland to get a huge color correction."

Her client had been coloring her hair at home, getting it to a nearly black Level 1.  And had been doing this every two-to-three weeks for years.

"She was so sick of maintaining it and wanted to embrace her natural silver," Gilmour explains. "I have been bringing a lot of my clients to their natural silver and have been having great results. With that being said, I have not brought someone from black to silver in one single session but anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge so, of course, I said--let's do it!"

11 hours later..."Niki was such a beautiful person and it was so great to spend the day with her. I think she looks stunning in her new color!"

Black Box Color to Natural Silver in 11 Hours


  • Malibu C Color Disruptor (a pre-treatment for corrective color services. It "disrupts" where the color molecule is setting in the hair-shaft to make the removal process easier and more effective.)
  • 2 sessions of Malibu C CPR Color Pigment Remover
  • Bleach Wash with TIGI Lightener + 20 volume
  • Platinum card with TIGI Lightener
  • 1st Toner: Redken Shades Eq
    •  1 oz 9T  1 oz 9B  1 oz 9P
  • Lowlights:  Kemon 4.1 and 10 volume
  • 2nd Toner: TIGI Gloss
    •  15 grams 10/02 15 grams 10/28 2 grams 2/0 1 gram 3/0
  • Olaplex added to lightener, lowlights and toners

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