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Introducing Wella Professionals KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+

Maggie Mulhern | October 22, 2018 | 7:09 AM
Sonya Dove and Sophie Turner
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Presenters, from left: Cheryl Kramer Kaye, Moderator; Vito Pollina, Chief Marketing Officer; David Sarro, R+D Director; Sonya Dove, Global Creative Artist; Sophie Turner, Brand Spokesperson; Rossano Ferretti, Creative Director
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The scientists at Wella Professionals have been busy lately and just introduced KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+, a technology and advanced color innovation designed to minimize the formation of free radicals during the color process by deactivating impurities, like metals, present in hair. According to the scientists, free radicals interfere with the color formation during processing and are a key cause to hair damage and poor color results, and that this new “Pure Balance Technology” allows the product to produce even, pure results with natural depth and shine, and significantly less hair damage.

At a media event held recently in NYC, the new color was introduced by key members of Wella Professionals including colorist Sonya Dove, Wella Professionals spokesperson (and Dove client) Sophie Turner, as well as Director of Research and Development for Coty Professional Haircare, David Sarro. Says Sarro, “The ME+  dye molecule is a scientific breakthrough designed to replace oxidative hair dye molecules PPD and PTD, the leading ingredients in permanent hair color for the past 130 years that often lead to the development of dye allergies.” Sarro adds that the new KOLESTON PERFECT is about to change that,  saying that their studies show that ME+ clients are 60 times less likely to develop a new allergy to hair color.

“It’s hard to imagine that for well over a century our industry has been basically using the same dye molecules on permanent hair color,” says Laura Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer for Coty Professional Beauty. “New KOLESTON PERFECT changes all this. We’re confident this innovative approach to permanent hair color will revolutionize our industry and strengthen our position as the leading professional hair color brand.”

In the seven years of research, 3000 formulations were tested, resulting in more than 20 patents.  “Pure Balance Technology is designed to minimize the formation of naturally occurring free radicals in the hair like metals,” says Sarro. “Once those metals are eliminated, the color developer and dye will result in pure, even formation. ME+ is truly revolutionary because we modified the shape of the dye molecule to prevent an immune system reaction between the T-Cells and the dye molecule.”

Top colorist Sonya Dove says that this new formulation requires no habit change for colorists as it features the same mixing ratio, development time and grey coverage, adding that the new color allows multiple color transformations without causing damage to the hair.  Dove was chatting with Turner, an actress who frequently changes her hair color for various roles. “Maintaining healthy, shiny hair is important to me,” Turner says. “It’s a rare thing to find. I have complete trust and faith in the product. It makes me feel inspired to actually transform for my characters more because I have this tool that I can use and I feel safe doing it.”

In this video, Director of Research and Development for Coty Professional Haircare David Sarro shares more details about how KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ works:

Sophie Turner chats about the importance of a good hair color and why she prefers KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+:

Wella Professionals new Koleston Perfect will be available starting November 2018.

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