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Ardell Beauty recently launched a line of color cosmetics to complement their industry-leading lashes. Ardell Beauty is a wide-range of lip, eye, and lash items, with a palette of intensely pigmented shades and an array of styles.  Lip colors, for instance, are offered as lip stains, lip liners, and lush lipsticks. Brow items—an Ardell specialty—are presented as pens, sticks, wands and pots. There truly is something for everyone in this colorful launch. 

MODERN SALON asked Leslie Barboza, senior brand manager, Ardell Beauty and Jade Munson, Ardell Beauty global brand ambassador to talk about the “why” behind this expansion and which Ardell items will be hot and haute for fall.

MS: Ardell has been a trusted brand name in beauty for many years.  What do you mean when you say, “Inspired by lashes, driven by obsession”?

LB: Our iconic natural Wispies and glamorous Double Up lashes have inspired us to take beauty to the next level and incorporate color cosmetics.  We are obsessed with the formulas and unique component system that achieves that false lash look in bottle.

MS: When did you start planning for this line extension?  And how long did it take, from conception to shipping to stores?

LB: Launching Ardell Beauty has been a passion of ours for years, but the timing and the product selection had to be right for the brand. We launched brow pomades and mechanical pencils back in 2015 and saw the category explode. That’s when we started the beauty concepts, formula reviews and the collaboration with top makeup artists.

 MS: Were you inspired by any particular brands or designers in the process of designing the look of the line?

LB: Most of our inspiration came from our lash looks and the women who wear them. We wanted a line that inspires beauty, confidence, and elegance. Our formulas are high performance and richly pigmented. The packaging shines with foil treatments and embossed fonts. It’s a prestige look with an affordable price point.

MS: How did you narrow down your offerings and decide on the color palettes? 

LB: As lash/eye experts we created a beauty line that accentuates the eyes, brows that frame the face and nude to bold lips shades that complement any eye look. All colors selections came from our makeup artists that work on sets of photo shoots, red carpet events, and celebrities. We chose the most wearable shades for on and off camera.

MS: The pigments in the lipsticks/stains/glosses are so deep and concentrated.  A little goes a long way.  What are the trends in lipcolors right now?  And what do you see trending for fall?

LB: Rich pigment and one swipe coverage is what women are trending to. With social media and daily selfies women want to be noticed whether that’s with a nude lip color paired with a smoky, bold eye, or a bright lip color with just an eyeliner. This fall is all about ‘all day and smudge proof wear’ which we offer in our long wear No Slip lip liner and multiple kiss-proof lipsticks.

MS: What are your five favorite SKUs in the Ardell Beauty line?

JM: Wispies Fiber Building Mascara: Mascara is one thing I can't live without! The Wispies mascara has fibers in it which attach to your natural lashes to really give you the iconic Wispies look that Ardell is known for. Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen: I never leave the house without my brows done. The Stroke A Brow feathering pen is perfect for filling in your brows the most natural way. The brush tip is so unique and allows you to mimic the look of real hair in sparse areas where you need it. And it lasts all day until you take it off. Eyeresistible Shadow Stick: This is my way of taking a look from day to night quickly. You can get an instant smoky eye without the mess. It's so easy to blend and is long wearing. Matte Whipped: I love a bold lip, especially a red matte lipstick. The Matte Whipped formula is lightweight, nondrying and highly pigmented so a little goes a long way and it lasts all day so you don't have to keep touching it up!  No Slip Liquid Lip Liner: I haven't seen anything like this on the market. Nothing looks better than precise, sharp and clean edge lined lips. This liquid lip liner is also great to cheat your lip size as well because it works as a stain so no one will know you over lined your lips! 

 MS: What are some current trends in makeup?  And what do you predict for fall? 

JM: A full set of brows and bold lips are current trends that are easy to achieve with the Ardell Beauty line. One of my fall trend favorites will always be a darker tone lip.  Ardell Beauty has so many colors to pick from so staying on that trend won't be hard. 

 MS: What are two products that everyone must-have from this line? 

JM: The two products that everyone must have from this line are the Wispies Mascara and Stroke A Brow feathering pen!

MS: What mistake do many women make with makeup and how can a beauty professional help a girl out? 

JM: A mistake I see women making with makeup is wearing way too much. My advice to not overdoing your makeup look is to keep the focus on one particular part of your face whether it is your eyes or your lips. 

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