Keratin Complex Color Graffiti Glam

by MODERN Staff | May 9, 2018 | Keratin Complex | Hair Color

Graffiti Glam is Keratin Complex Color’s newest innovation, a semi-permanent haircolor that directly deposits intense pigmentation via its ammonia-free formula for artistically-infused color. The dynamic collection of 10 fashion-forward shades features palettes from bold expressions to statement-making soft pastels.

Graffiti Glam boasts three stages of advanced patented technology of precisely proportioned, protein-rich formulas of keratin and ceramides to reduce porosity and prevent damage. The color also includes Botanical PowerBlend conditioning cream comprising essential oils and naturally derived vitamin B-based butters for banishing breakage and boosting elasticity. This unrivaled formulation is integral to longer-lasting, even color that simultaneously strengthens hair while improving its overall integrity.

A dynamic spectrum of vibrant hues includes Smoke Gray, Fierce Purple, Pink Passion, Waterfall Teal, Ultramarine Blue, Tropical Green, Lavender Twilight, Rose Pink, Sunrise Peach, and Scarlet Red, all conveniently packaged together for an eye-catching display.

Ty’s Isobe’s Tips + Techniques

  • For best results, pre-lighten with Keratin Complex It’s a Blonde Thing, adding Keratin Complex Vital Shot to the lightener prior to applying. Process for 30 - 50 minutes until you have lift off. Next, rinse hair then wash with Keratin Complex’s Clarifying Shampoo and towel dry.
  • Now the most important part: unleashing creativity! After collaborating on desired results, it’s time to color and let imaginations go wild. For commitment-shy clients, clip-ins and extensions provide versatility. For those working in corporate fields wanting to reveal their wilder after-five side, try different application techniques where pops and patterns of color can be shown off with a simple up-do or part change. Let color process for 20-35 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse, style or blow-dry, and take a snap for sharing on social media.

From playful pops of intensely vibrant color to quashing grey in chromatically creative ways, Keratin Complex Color’s new comprehensive collection re-imagines strikingly bold new hues augmented by the company’s patented keratin-infused formulations — ideal for defining individuality. 

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