Tony Odisho Adds Four New Shades to Satin Tape Line

by MODERN Staff | July 25, 2019 | Tony Odisho | Hair ColorHair Extensions
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Tony Odisho Hair Extensions is launching four new shades within its Satin Tape range, which originally launched in March 2019.

These four new shades include: #24 ash blonde, #20 very light blonde, #32 mahogany chestnut and #1001 platinum blond and are in addition to the 13 already existing in the shade portfolio.

The Tony Odisho Satin Tape extensions are guaranteed to last six to eight weeks when maintained properly and can be reapplied up to two times the company says.  

To assist with optimal maintenance, the Tony Odisho’s hair care range is available with specially formulated products such as shampoos, conditioners and styling aids, to help clients take care of their extensions. 

Tony Odisho hair extensions are made with 100% human hair and utilize different hair natural textures in the respective extension lines. The Tony Odisho’s Original Tape range uses naturally wavy human hair while the Satin Tape range uses naturally straight hair. The Satin Tape line provides more options for people with diverse hair textures, especially if they have naturally straight hair. These versatile hair extensions can also be heat styled to achieve many desired results and styles to suit all clients.

The Satin Tape hair extensions are available in one length (20 inches).

“For me, it’s about providing salons and stylists exceptional products backed by top-level education and salon programs to ensure their extension business soars. Our passion comes through in every aspect of the Tony Odisho business and as a salon owner, I saw a void in this market and have created a brand and program that best supports salons,” Tony Odisho says.

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