Green Circle Salons Joins the Ever-growing B Corp Movement
Green Circle Salons Joins the Ever-growing B Corp Movement

Green Circle Salons officially joins the B Corp legacy as one of the thousands of companies with a unifying goal; to use business as a force for good.

The B Corporation or “B Corp” is a certification issued by the organization B Lab Company to sustainable for-profit businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The B Lab Company conducts an examination of the company’s policies and practices to determine social and environmental responsibility.

As the B Corporation movement grows, so has Green Circle Salons’ mission - to keep people and the planet beautiful. They are continuously working on growing their Waste Warrior movement all over North America in order to tackle the beauty industry's impact on the environment, together.

The climate crisis is not a forecast anymore. It's real. It's happening.

North American salons generate over 877 pounds of waste per minute without any way to recycle - that's 421,000 pounds per day heading to landfills. In 2008, Green Circle Salons’ founder and CEO, Shane Price, recognized this major problem in the salon industry and saw an opportunity to help salons become sustainable, while also helping them to gain clients and be more profitable. Thanks to the nearly 4,000 green-minded salons that partner with Green Circle Salons today, that they have grown to recover and reclaim millions of pounds of beauty waste each year!

The first 10 years of business for Green Circle were really spent focusing on innovating, recycling, repurposing and reusing beauty waste. With their passion for sustainability and their mission to put beauty waste to good use, naturally the company was on course for using their business as a force for good. Becoming a B Corp Certified business was the logical next step for Green Circle Salons.

Team members at Green Circle Salons have a lot to say on the matter:

“We pride ourselves on our core values: Big Hearte All In,Possibility,and Sustainability. These values inspire our company vision and have been a part of the Green Circle culture since the very beginning. What sets us apart is not just our drive for keeping the planet clean and healthy, but our passion to continuously make this planet a better one for everyone to live on. As a newly certified B-Corp, we hope to be a beacon for positive green change in our communities. We also hope that our member salons will recognize and embrace B-Corp by being even a greater stand for the environment, and diversity in the workplace.”Shane Price, CEO & founder, Green Circle Salons

“Having so many incredible B Corporations standing tall with us, and at the top of their markets,is just one more sign that consumers want us to change the old way of doing business—and that the demand for socially responsible businesses is growing. Customers and employees have started to expect us to take a stand. If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, business as usual wont cut it.”Bryn Collier, director of marketing, Green Circle Salons

“If you want to retain great people and have a great company, then you have to inspire the people to a greater, bigger purpose than themselves, and for us it's saving the planet.”Satoko Nakajima, head of People & Planet, Green Circle Salons

The mentality at Green Circle Salons has always been that doing the right thing for the world is not just critical for solving the biggest problems facing the planet, but it can also build a successful and sustainable business model.

Green Circle Salons strives to be better every day, starting with their own team members. The company employs just under 50 people all over North America, who work together to achieve one common goal; making the people and the planet beautiful.

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Originally posted on Salon Today