4 Foil Placements and Their Effects
4 Foil Placements and Their Effects

The power of placement is beautifully illustrated in this video by artist, educator, and Kenra Artistic Ambassador, Mirella Manelli. The founder of @rebelfemme_salon, Manelli covers four different foil placements using all slices.

“Vertical or horizontal - what’s the difference and how do you know when to use them?” she asks. “A general rule of thumb is horizontal will allow for the most blended and natural effect, and vertical will allow for the maximum contrast, also elongating the hair.” Horizontal is a go-to for blending, but also can create a stopping point on layered hair. Vertical will add contrast, but can also elongate short layers.

“I’ve had many questions about vertical placement, as if it is a foreign concept, but the truth is all of us have used this placement. You just don’t remember. Vertical is relative to the space you are working in," Manelli continues. "For example, we have all done what we have thought to be horizontal placement on the mohawk section in the front, but in reality it is vertical. The reason it’s vertical is because it’s relative to how the hair parts or naturally falls. If you split the hair down the center or even the side, you should see a pattern of dark and light rows. This creates contrast, or vertical placement.”

Manelli says if you were to stand on the side of the head and truly work in horizontal highlights all the way to where the hair parts, this placement will create much more softness. Also, note how thin her slices are, ensuring full saturation and even lift. 

“So the next time your client says ‘chunkier’ try vertical placement instead of a horizontal one!”


4 foil placements and the effects they create. Which is best for your client? . Well that depends if she wants contrast, overall brightness, or diffusion. I honestly could list a ton of scenarios but here is a general rule: . Horizontal = blending but also can create a stoping point on layered hair. . Vertical = contrast but can also elongate short layers . Watch the YouTube to learn more! LINK IN BIO. . . Drop a 💡 if you learned something new👇🏼 . Using @kenraprofessional Blue Powder Lightener 1:3 30Vol. . . #kenracolor #kenraprofessional #kenrapartner #babylights #highlights #highlightplacement #foilingtechnique #licensedtocreate #behindthechair #ittakesapro #modernsalon #hairvideo #haireducation #haireducator #mirellamanelli

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