“Become What You Imagine”: Eufora 2019 Global Connection

Anne Moratto | March 1, 2019 | 10:50 AM
Creative Director Philip Carreon AND Eufora co-founder and CEO Beth Bewley
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American graffiti artist Erik Wahl
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ufora’s UK Style Director, Neil Smith
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ufora’s UK Style Director, Neil Smith
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Eufora HERO for Men runway show led by Julie DeLuca and Dana Caschetta
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 During the Eufora International Global Connection, over 1,200 stylists and salon owners from North America, the UK and Japan gathered at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego, CA for two days of educational events and inspirational retrospectives that encouraged every individual to “become what you imagine.” 


A family-owned, salon professional haircare brand, Eufora co-founder and CEO, Beth Bewley, kicked off the event by pledging her commitment to serve hairdressers in every way possible, a mantra that the company was founded on over 25 years ago. From there, keynote speaker and American graffiti artist Erik Wahl took the stage, sharing how creativity and artistry can help to lead to business success.  


The morning concluded with the company highlighting one of its most valuable assets – its people. Five of Eufora’s national trainers shared their own personal journeys to becoming a hairdresser, which included stories of overcoming adversity, escaping international conflict zones and having a career rebirth after serving in the military that led to these individuals finding their place in the salon.  


“I was driving in my car listening to people share their own personal stories in a totally unrelated industry and I had an ‘a-ha’ moment,” said Bewley. “That’s what we need to do to truly connect with each person in the audience. I scrapped our original creative plan for our day one runway show and we chose to instead highlight these inspirational stories and talents within our network to show that sometimes out of the ashes come true talent and beauty.”  


The evening culminated with a black-tie awards gala where Eufora named their 2019 Stylists of the Year awards and Creative Director, Philip Carreon, showcased looks that mirror his latest collection of ethereal, yet industrial hair called “Urban Angels.”  


Day two showcased a runway presentation from Eufora’s UK Style Director, Neil Smith, inspired by British fashion through the ages and concluded with a show-stopping Eufora HERO for Men runway show led by Julie DeLuca and Dana Caschetta 


Throughout the two days, stylists and salon owners were also treated to technical breakouts and business building classes. The event also served as a networking opportunity for top stylists and colorists from across the nation, from growing social platforms to making meaningful connections.  


Additionally, Eufora brought together their top distributors prior to the event for two days and concluded with a one-day training for their Distinction Sales Group led by Fred Phillips, Executive Vice President of Sales for Eufora 


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