The front entrance of the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon.

The front entrance of the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon.

OLAPLEX recently launched a virtual salon on November 1st, providing their consumers the opportunity to engage with the OLAPLEX brand in a serene and earthy environment.

“Our own Californian heritage inspired the aesthetics in the salon build-out,” says Charlotte Watson, Chief Marketing Officer of OLAPLEX. “We wanted the space to feel bright, open, airy, welcoming, and professional, yet low-key and approachable.”

The space allows visitors to shop in 3D while offering hair professionals an exclusive spot for a deeper dive into OLAPLEX education and resources.

There are two salon experiences: There’s a front of salon where consumers can learn more about the brand and products, ask questions, engage directly with OLAPLEX ambassadors and purchase OLAPLEX products. And just like in real life, a back of the house with a PRO “Breakroom,” which includes education experience available to licensed professionals only. Salon professionals can access PRO-only materials and products and experience the brand in 3D before trying it in-salon in real life.

Guests are greeted by the brand’s virtual team member, Kai, who was created by taking the images and emotional qualities of over 240 OLAPLEX brand advocates and employees, merged into a composite that is an accurate, bias-free visual representation of the entire team.

Virtual team member Kai greets you inside the salon.

Virtual team member Kai greets you inside the salon.

“To bring the AI image to life, it was overlayed onto a real person using visual effects and facial compositing to ultimately create a lifelike portrait,” explains Watson. “Kai captures the hope and happiness of the OLAPLEX team while holding the same passion and excitement. Visitors can engage with Kai digitally to learn about OLAPLEX products and campaigns, as well as get answers to questions.”

Guests are also invited to participate in a game as they explore the salon, collecting six hidden OLAPLEX combs for a chance to win a prize. “The combs are strategically placed throughout the experience, inviting customers to explore educational moments, from videos to podcast snippets to taking our hair diagnostic where they can receive personalized recommendations,” says Watson.

“The OLAPLEX Virtual Salon is the closest thing we have to a physical location,” she adds, “meaning anyone, anywhere, can experience stepping into this OLAPLEX location together.”

Explore the virtual salon by visiting here.

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