On their website, Salon EPIC in Branford, CT describes their culture as “all about teamwork. We believe in working as one to provide ultimate masterpieces.”

Two of the team collaborated on this beautiful makeover.  Melissa (@melissameltss) and Gabby (@glam_by_gabbyy) worked to create this transformation.

“Melissa is my mentor,” says Gabby. “She’s helped me grow so much in this industry as a stylist! We do crazy big transformations like these all the time which are amazing learning experiences, and always a wild time!”

The duo took 8 hours, double-teaming, to realize their client’s blonde dreams.

“This client has very thick, darker hair and she wanted to be white blonde. It was partially virgin hair and she had a band of color in her midshaft, as you can see in her before picture,” explains Gabby.

She shares more information in this peek at the process:


  • They sectioned out over her part and clipped out her sides.
  • Up the back, they did horizontal slices (no tease) in foils then feathered up to soften the line of demarcation, also leaving no hair in between.
  • When they got to the application of the top section, they bumped it up to 20 volume.
  • Then the client went under heat and processed for a while.

“When we checked on how she was lightening the band of color wasn’t lifting as well as her virgin (obviously) so we had to go back in, open every foil and tap the band of color with fresh 20 volume, then let that process under heat.”

  • Once she was ready to be rinsed they brought her to the sink and and pulled the foils.
  • Pre-toned with Milk_Shake Purple Shampoo (“which is our favorite!”) then sat her up and brushed her out.

“We decided to put the pre-pigment in the smudge because she lifted so beautifully and so white and we wanted to ensure that the color lasts.”

  • Allowed it to sit and then toned the blonde with 9nw from Shades EQ.
  • Blended colors together (“with W.O.W. Comb which is a go to for us!”).
  • To finish off the transformation, the client received a fresh cut, blowout and style.

“We were obsessed with it and the client was extremely happy! Definitely one of our favorite transformations.”


Some of these collaborations were also with another Salon EPIC stylist, Ashley Calandro @blend_n_snip


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