-  Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

We are an industry of professionals who make a living by touching people. In the Before Times, stylists might see 5 to 10 clients a day, shearing and balayaging away. But the salon shutdown created by coronavirus left thousands of beauty professionals in an unimaginable position with no work and no clients. Where previous years’ roundups might feature trendy color formulas and drastic hair transformations, our top stories in 2020 – like everything else right now – look a bit different.

This year, COVID-19 relief was central for hairdressers and hands-on beauty service providers who were hungry for resources, action and ways to stay afloat. There were plenty of uplifting moments too, where brands and stylists alike came together to give the community support and when needed, a hearty laugh.

And yes, our community also proved that even in times of great challenge, they still love a beautiful bob step-by-step and a silver celebrity makeover. Resiliency at its finest!

Ahead are the most read MODERN SALON stories of 2020.

1. Free Barbicide Certification Course: Become a Clean Expert

Vibrant blue BARBICIDE is an icon that has been protecting professionals and clients for over half a century. This year, BARBICIDE debuted a free certification course which allows salon professionals to show their dedication to infection control and safe services in salons, spas and barbershops.

2. What Will It Look Like When Salons Reopen?

During the shutdown created by coronavirus, stylists spent time guessing at what a return to work would look like, knowing that it would not be business as usual. Here were possible scenarios from industry experts.

3. The Diary of a Quarantined Hairstylist

Salon shutdowns revealed just how valuable the beauty industry is, and as stylist Meagan Gallman notes, it also led to some shady propositions for servicing “under the table hair.” She details the most hilarious requests from desperate clients, including a color correction for one woman who turned her hair orange in quarantine.

4. At Work and Happy to Have Her Hands Back in Hair

Stylist Janel Latessa worried that her clients would be hesitant to return during the COVID-19 pandemic. The opposite has been true. Here, she shared the details of a successful reopening and some tips for navigating your own return.

5. 4 Foil Placements and Their Effects

The power of placement is beautifully illustrated in this video by artist, educator, and Kenra Professional Ambassador, Mirella Manelli. Manelli demonstrates the effects from horizontal, vertical and diagonal placements, and how to choose the right one for your client.

6. The Formula and Colorist Behind Jane Fonda’s Silver Makeover Seen at the Oscars

It seems like years ago, but yes, Jane Fonda did debut a white silver makeover at the 2020 Academy Awards. See the full step by step by gray master colorist Jack Martin, who’s regularly at the top of our most-read lists for his dramatic color transformations.

7. How to Avoid Maskne

Raise your hand if your experienced the dreaded “maskne” in 2020. Wearing a face mask while working all day in the salon had some stylists experiencing breakouts and irritation, so we found the best skin and mask cleaning routines.

8. #ShowYourRoots Campaign Urges Clients to "Wait for Us"

With so many stylists forced put services on hold on this year, clients were reaching for the box hair color... with very mixed results. This social media campaign encouraged clients to #showyourroots, avoid hair color panic, and to wait for their beauty pro to tend to their neglected style.  

9. Look at These Three Things Before Calling "Cut!"

When it comes to cutting chin length hair, there are several issues to address before putting down the scissors. Caci Stauffer, a Phoenix, AZ stylist who specializes in beautiful bobs, walks you through tips and techniques for the cleanest cut.

10. How One Georgia Stylist Prepares for Salon Clients

Georgia was one of the first states to reopen some businesses during the current COVID-19 crisis, and beauty professionals were looking for answers on the new working conditions. Melissa Eppers created a “Salon & Stylist COVID-19 Protocol” video to let other stylists see how she created a safe salon space.

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