• April 22nd is Earth Day, an annual day of awareness dedicated to protecting and celebrating our environment.
  • In support of Earth Day, we're happy to share these beauty and wellness brands who are committing to sustainability initiatives and give-back programs. 
  • They are striving to improve the planet by reducing their carbon footprint and investing in non-profit organizations raising awareness and addressing the major threats toward the beauty and fragility of our planet and oceans.  



Designed to give back to nature what it takes, amala’s  partner manufacturing facility, PrimaveraLife, was designed as an island of sustainability. It is 100% carbon neutral and features:

  • 25,000 Medicinal-plant Garden across 42,000 m2 property
  • Decades of Organic farming with a global Fair Trade network 
  • Geothermal temperature regulation
  • Green Roof 
  • Underground rainwater filtration system
  • Feng Shui inspired architecture



Family owned BABOR has been committed to sustainability since it was founded 60 years ago. The BABOR philosophy and its Green Agenda are dedicated to CO2 avoidance, minimal packaging, and clean ingredients in all that they do. That means  locally sourced ingredients that are responsibly raised, harvested and protected.

 This April, the brand is set to partner with the Audi Environmental Foundation and Everwave to fight pollution of our oceans caused by plastic waste by donating 1 Euro and 1 Dollar for every BABOR product sold for cleaner water.



Botanical skincare and wellness brand, boscia will be offering a 50% discount & free deluxe sample of Purifying Cleansing Gel (WITH CODE: WRECYCLE21) for every three empty products sent back to boscia to be recycled in their Terracycle Zero Waste Box Platform program. 

Earthly Body CBD


Earthly Body CBD, who makes such highly-rated products as Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil and CBD Daily Intensive Cream, was co-founded by philanthropists Kevin and Mare Wachs, who co-founded Earthly Body in 1996, and later, the Get Together Foundation charity in 2004, which is financed by revenue from the sales of Earthly Body CBD.

According to their website, Earthly Body partners with several charities that impact the environment and other causes and “GTF’s mission is to act as the bridge between donor and charity to ensure that 100% of donations received are provided to the intended cause, rather than covering extraneous business expenses.” They’ve worked with such charities as Acres 4 Life, MusiCares, United Cancer Advocacy Action Network, currently, their immediate mission is to help families experiencing homelessness.

As well, Earthly Body is committed to sustainable business practices and continuously reducing their carbon footprint. Like the previous brands, they practice sustainable agriculture, and they also use solar power in their manufacturing and distribution centers.

The Feelist


The Feelist is a collection of luxury wellness and skincare products designed to revolutionize and elevate your beauty and self-care routine. 

All of their products are infused with the highest quality clean and plant-based ingredients. 

The Feelist will be donating a 10% of all full-sized product sales made on Earth Day to Parley for the Oceans in hopes of raising awareness and addressing the major threats toward the beauty and fragility of our oceans. 

Izzy Zero Waste Beauty



Founded by industry veteran Shannon Goldberg, Izzy’s mission is to change the beauty industry’s relationship with the environment by demonstrating that consumable does not have to mean disposable.

Izzy Zero Waste Beauty takes the guesswork out of consumers’ hands with their cyclical subscription business model while simultaneously challenging traditional notions of supply chains, product development, and marketing. Their entire supply chain is located within a 400-mile radius and centers on fully reusable components to reduce environmental impact.

Jill Turnbull Beauty



This Earth Day, Jill Turnbull Beauty is launching a new brand of sustainable, “blue beauty” haircare, skincare and makeup. Consciously sourced from packaging to formulation, Jill Turnbull Beauty delivers the highest quality products while minimizing their impact on the earth.

Formulas are designed for better cultural practice; Jill Turnbull WASH shampoo rinses out in seconds to reduce water waste. 

The company prioritizes protecting the planet through product formulation and commits to using the cleanest, reef-safe ingredients. Each purchase funds a direct contribution to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.



Deeply rooted in sustainability, Klorane has been at the forefront of eco-friendly haircare, as showcased through their award-winning Dry Shampoo range, and always on a mission of upward growth in their environmental efforts. As studies show that 70% of consumers are looking to save water in their beauty routines and, in 2021, waterless shampoo online searches are predicted to grow by +10.5%, Klorane listened to consumer wants and needs, as well as those of the environment, when creating their latest innovations in waterless haircare. 



Lumene’s connection to its Nordic heritage and appreciation of nature and sustainability started more than 20 years ago as they began their journey towards a circular economy within their supply chain. Lumene examines the entire life cycle of the products; starting from the concept, through to development, sourcing, production and logistics.

All cartons and moisturizing jars are 100% recyclable. Sourcing from certified organic forests, hand-picking from nature, working with local, family-owned Finnish businesses, the brand is committed to sustainability and becoming carbon neutral by 2025.



Since 1983, Natura offers refills for its products. By offering refills, Natura avoids an amount equivalent to 3,000 tons of residue and trash each year. This is the equivalent to the trash produced by 5.5 million people in just one single day. 

Every year, Natura reutilizes 1.9 thousand tons of plastic in its packaging. To contextualize this: Every year, 62 million one-liter PET bottles are prevented from going to the trash and becoming waste. 

By 2030 Natura & Co group goals include the elimination of unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation and new delivery models and enhancing the recycling of plastic packaging by 2025. 



noyah, a USDA certified biobased and USDA certified organic lip care line that specializes in chic lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, and lip scrubs that are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but are also made almost entirely with food-grade ingredients and in commercial kitchens.

All products are cruelty-free and do not contain gluten, parabens, sulfate or preservatives. All products come in beautiful earth-friendly packing with tubes made from sugarcane, 100% PCR plastic, and bamboo + paper components with a mission to reduce plastic consumption.

Olivia Garden


A leader in professional beauty and makers of award-winning styling tools, shears and brushes, Olivia Garden's HQ in Antioch, CA, is completely powered by renewable energy.

Olivia Garden is on track to reduce its carbon footprint by over 30% in 2022, through making changes to material packaging, merchandising, and switching some products to be made with recyclable materials.

By 2025, Olivia Garden is planning to have the smallest carbon footprint possible without impacting the durability, longevity, quality and performance of its tools.

With over 300 products currently being manufactured by the brand, Olivia Garden has already started this undertaking and will be working incessantly until all products have been analyzed, reviewed, tested and modified, where possible to be more eco-friendly.

Physicians Formula



Physicians Formula partners with Earthday.org’s The Canopy Project on a conservation and restoration campaign aimed at reforesting areas in dire need of rehabilitation in communities most at-risk from climate change and environmental degradation. Physicians Formula will plant a tree for every Butter Bronzer sold in April 2021 and support the organization throughout 2021 with various initiatives. With sustainability always top-of-mind for the brand, the brand is undergoing a packaging overall to be safer for the environment and more eco-friendly with recyclable components and reduced packaging.

Pili Ani


Pili Ani is a Philippines-based, Asian-owned sustainable skincare brand founded by organic farming pioneer, Rosalina Tan. Together, with her daughter Mary Jane, Pili Ani was created as to support Pili nut farmers with fair prices and income. Today, the brand has its Save Our Soil and Pili Literacy programs to provide farmers’ children an education and to teach farmers about the latest organic, responsible farming techniques.  

Although the Philippines has one of the lowest carbon footprints on earth,  it suffers some of the most devastating effects of climate change, such as ever-intensifying typhoons, for which Pili Ani also offers funds and help with relief efforts.



I​n addition to R+Co's 100-percent vegan, Leaping Bunny-certified and responsibly made formulas, R+Co debuted post-consumer resource (PCR) packaging with their SUPER GARDEN CBD Shampoo + Conditioner in 2020 in an effort to reduce virgin plastic consumption.

R+Co BLEU launched in December of 2020 as one of the first beauty brands to feature 100% PCR packaging:

  • Bottles and jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material, which use 88% less energy to produce
  • Tubes are constructed from bioresin sugarcane plastic, which has been shown to biodegrade in 180 days in soil and 60 days in compost.
  • Canisters are crafted from 100% aluminum. A recyclable resource, 75% of the aluminum ever produced in the United States is still in use today.
  • Cartons and secondary packaging are developed from 100% post-consumer recycled paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests and feature soy-based inks. Cartons are also manufactured by an EPA Green Partner Facility that offsets 25% of energy through renewable sources, (wind, solar, and hydro).
  • A beautiful sheet of seed-embedded paper is included with each BLEU product which, when planted, grows wildflowers.

​​R+Co BLEU partnered with One Tree Planted to help foster lasting change. A portion of every BLEU purchase is donated in order to aid global reforestation efforts. ​The partnership is currently focused on creating a koala wildlife corridor in Australia, which involves several aspects to restore and protect the Northern Rivers population of the iconic Australian Koala as well as other threatened wildlife species whose habitats were severely impacted by the recent wildfires in Australia.



For every 1 bottle of Rahua, a skincare and wellness brand, sold, 1 acre of the Amazon Rainforest is preserved per year. Rahua is presently preserving 100,000 acres of pristine, biodiverse jungle and counting.

They achieve this by designating proceeds from purchases to support the education and empowerment of Indigenous People in the Amazon to help protect their ancestral rights to the land. Rahua helps the tribes secure the title deeds to their land, and supports the legal fees to reserve it in their ownership for perpetuity which is key to preserving veteran trees in the Amazon that sequester CO2.

Additionally, Rahua sources SymbioticⓇ ingredients from these same Indigenous communities and have created a self-sustaining economy that empowers the tribes as the guardians of the Rainforest.

Unwrapped Life



Together with Plastic Bank®, plastic-free beauty brand Unwrapped Life is on a mission to prevent over 2.5 million plastic bottles from entering our oceans. This new partnership is announced just in time for Earth Month, and alongside the launch of "The Healer" shampoo + conditioner bars -- with EVERY purchase these hair bars will prevent 1,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

The limited edition bars include a moisturizing shampoo + conditioner combo inspired by the healing powers of Earth and Water and feature awakening essential oils of orange bitters and distilled lime that meld seamlessly, with the quiet comforts of tonka and vanilla.

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