How to Deal with COVID Cancellations
How to Deal with COVID Cancellations

With the latest COVID variant has come another round of increased and unpredictable cancellations. Last-minute cancellations can throw your schedule—and bottom line—for a loop. How can you plan for these interruptions and still stay afloat? We spoke to two Cosmo Prof  Artistic Team members to find out. 

Dealing with Cancellations 

Keon Washington, Cosmo Prof Artistic Team and Master Barber, says it’s important to come to accept that cancellations are now part of this new normal.

“While many may, at first, consider this as a curse, I see it as an opportunity to reconfigure your space to better accommodate your clients,” he says. “I look at it as even more of a chance to branch out in your skill set and offer new services, or connect to new ways to bring in income.”

Washington says he’s working with his staff on including services that don’t require a special skill set, but that clients want. Examples include beard treatments with steamers, hot towels, skin peels and masks. Also, quick style-and-go’s like curls or quick updos are great small fillers for cancellations.

Presley Poe, stylist and owner of Gold Studios and member of the Cosmo Prof Artistic Team, says they’ve taken a proactive approach to scheduling nowadays. 

“I personally have taken it upon myself to check in with my clients 48 hours before their appointment as a wellness check,” they say. “With that said, if they need to cancel, it gives me enough time to reschedule clients in their place.” 

In terms of rebooking, Washington says it’s best not to put pressure on the client at the time of cancellation to immediately rebook.

“It’s important they understand their health comes first, and their appointment can wait,” he says. “Personally, I have a relationship or connection of some kind with each of my clients and don’t see them as just customers. Rather than pushing for an immediate re-booking, instead offer to assist them and be there for them as you can as their stylist/barber/etc.”

How to Budget in the COVID Era

With cancellations happening daily, plus supply chain issues affecting product, salon and shop budgets have been thrown for a loop.

Washington says examining processes and doing things you’ve maybe never done before—like counting product usage—is key.

“Managing product usage in a time where inflation is rampant and products are scarce is important,” he says. “Nikki Le and the Statements Project is one of the greatest programs I have ever seen to help stylists manage their product usage and balance and increase their revenue.” 

Additionally, for Cosmo Prof salons and stylists, CosmoProf GO allows professionals to place their orders online and get products delivered straight to their home or salon doors, saving time and hassle so they can stay focused on clients. 

For Poe, budgeting challenges are remediated by the tried-and-true approach. 

“As a business owner/booth renter/commission stylist, saving has never been more important,” they say. “I have a relief fund that I use to help bridge the gap between lost money due to COVID or any other situations that may arise.”

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