Andis launched its reSURGE Shaver as the go-to tool for stylists and barbers of any skill level to easily glide through hair for the closest, smoothest shaves.

For stylists, whose licensing may not allow straight-razor shaves, the reSURGE is the perfect alternative to creating fades, short and bald styles, tapered haircuts with a clean nape, and facial hair grooming that elevates the client experience.

Barbers reach for reSURGE because there are no messy creams or lathers involved to get a skinsmooth shave, and they can get clients in and out of the chair more quickly.


Featuring an easy-pivot head with an integrated long-hair trimmer, reSURGE is designed to maintain skin contact at all times.

“The pivoting head of the reSURGE creates a nice clean shave without irritation, and lets you easily contour around the face or the head,” says Andis Global Educator John Mosley, @popular_nobody, a NAHA 2022 Educator of the Year finalist. “You can achieve the same end result using the reSURGE as you can with a razor—this is a game-changing tool.”

Andis educator John Mosley, a 2022 Educator of the Year finalist, demos the reSURGE.

With a wide range and maximum versatility, reSURGE was made for cutting all hair types and textures, wet or dry. Its USB-C charger delivers 60 minutes of run time on a single charge, and its comfortable ergonomic grip minimizes wrist strain.

“This is perfect for that client who sits in your chair and says, ‘I love my cut, but I feel like it’s growing back too quickly,’” says Mosley, who is dual licensed in both cosmetology and barbering. “I now have a tool in my hand that will give them an extra two or three days out of their look because I can take them even shorter.”

Because of the versatility of the reSURGE Shaver’s staggered, independent foils, it’s perfect for gliding through tight areas including above the ear and moustache. And the gold titanium foils with hypoallergenic finish provide an irritation-free shaving experience for clients prone to ingrown hairs. The reSURGE kit includes the cordless shaver, magnetic storage cap, charging adapter and cleaning brush.


To get a true, smooth-skin fade, use the reSURGE in upward flicking C-stroke motions to ensure no lines are left behind.

The Andis reSURGE Shaver brings home the results. Andis educator @mr_fineline demos the next-level shaver in action on himself.

Another technique the reSURGE is built for is for polishing and finishing natural, textured hair. For example, after cutting a bald fade or a set of waves with a taper, the reSURGE Shaver can be skimmed along the top of the waves with the grain, following the growth pattern of the hair.

“Classically trained, old-school groomers typically pick up scissors and go over the top of a waved style—but using a foil shaver like reSURGE reduces the visibility of stray hairs, in less time, and gives waves a totally polished finish,” Mosley says.



Investing in tools that perform is one of the keys to achieving a great haircut. Equally as important is protecting that investment with proper maintenance of that tool.

“Cleaning and disinfection after every use is essential to maintain optimal cleanliness, performance and comfort from the reSURGE,” says Angie Perino, @angieperinohair, Andis Global Education Manager. “Tools are an investment, and we should always treat them that way."

  1. Grasp the foil head on both sides and gently lift it off the shaver.
  2. Gently tap the base of the foil head on a flat surface so the hair inside falls out. Do not remove the individual foils or they may accidentally be damaged.
  3. Remove the cutters from the shaver and gently brush away any hair.
  4. Rinse away any remaining hair and debris from the foil head and cutters under running water.
  5. To disinfect, spray the foil head and cutters with Andis Cool Care Plus and let sit for 10 minutes.
  6. Wipe off any remaining residue and replace the cutters and foil head.

“Make sure to examine the condition of the foils between clients,” Perino says. “If you notice your shaver is not delivering that smooth finish you are accustomed to, it’s time to replace your foils and cutting blades. Taking the time to properly clean your tools ensures not only a safe and sanitary experience for your clients, but also a longer tool life.”

Learn more about the reSURGE Shaver at andis.com and see it in action by following Andis on Instagram @andisclippers.


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